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~Vapid idiots in group think.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oliver Koslik, Nov 24, 2013.


Do you believe everything you hear in the know?

  1. I tend to just apathetically go with the flow...

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  2. No, I enjoy challenging questions, and thinking outside the box.

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  1. Oliver Koslik

    Oliver Koslik Junior Member


    Let make this a little more simple:

    "M" and/or "Psy Op's" are the bats, trolls, creeps, and other such village idiots trying to gather attention (narcissistic supply) in their community. They ARE the cause of mass tragedy. I vowed I would not become one, but more so provide example. Some get it... I'd say 40% of people I passed that commented at me today "understand" the mind fuck...

    I have done nothing to deserve the treatment I do from the faceless gang that is destroying its own community via fear mongering and rumor.
    Telling their children I'm a rapist and a child molester, and thinking they will "run me out of town" with psychological and emotional abuse.

    Nobody...Nobody has ever asked, or questioned me about my past. But they take it upon themselves to decide they know my history,
    and continue to refer to me as a child molester. All because they know everything about me, because they say so.
    Because of course they know I was never a victim of molestation myself right? Or else they would have "gotten it out of me" already right?

    Furthermore, nobody is to tell me that "I got caught" molesting someone ( I suppose ), because then, the whole thing would be open unraveling.
    And thus expose the illegitimacy of the entire group/gang. As well it would make all the parents and busy bodies responsible for the hate and fear mongering they are already responsible for.
    But most important it would make all the parents that are getting their children to tease me for them, lose face.

    M or Psy Op's are 100% responsible for the massive acts of communal violence that you see all over the world.
    From stonings in the middle east to school shootings in the U.S.
    Its just they can't talk about it. Nobody can, because whistle blowers (including media outlets) get X'd.

    When I hear "thats what you get" I do laugh...yes. I laugh because its not even a proper sentence, (pun intended).
    When there is a single sided conversation about someone. The arguer will always win.
    But this is understandable, because few have the capacity to think outside the box, let alone step outside of it...
    cuz once again, that would result in them becoming X'd... or rather targeted by all the idiots.

    This phenomenon is actually a great tell of how ridiculously submissive some individuals are to the conditioning of group think.
    Especially my neighbors across the hall and voyeur that lives below me. And I understand that these people are free to talk as much shit as they can,
    because they will never have to defend it, out of pure cowardice.

    But the good people still remain. The ones who get it. The ones who realize that this instance of group think has fucked itself into "having to be right".
    Thats all it is, people that can't admit they are wrong to try and destroy a strangers life... The sad reality is I'm not the only one they mis-treat.
    Its everyone they choose to. They've punked me & are punking the submissive, suggestive, apathetic members of the community that are willing to cast a stone for bragging rights, or to "fit in".

    Thats all for now...
    Find me on POF, perhaps we can hang-outside the box together.
    Keep smiling!

    P.S. Don't believe everything you hear in the know. (Don't feed the trolls)

    P.P.S. What ever happened to Canada imposing bullying fines?
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  2. Oliver Koslik

    Oliver Koslik Junior Member

  3. Oliver Koslik

    Oliver Koslik Junior Member

    * I vowed I would not become another statistic. But more so provide good positive example(s), that these people are ridiculous.
    To document it, and hopefully become a voice that escalates awareness about bullying in society.

    I am here to write...to share, and laugh at how great it is that I have the potential to articulate this "x-file" of sociological corruption and violence.

    Thank you all!
    Good night :)
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