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Discussion Shipping packages to US / American addresses near BC for pick up or forwarding

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by milquetoast, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Got this email about TLC closing down in Point Roberts due to a lease issue. They are planning to reopen in Blaine.
  2. newplace

    newplace Guest

    discovered a new place called 5D Packages in Blaine that my friend told me about. Right next door to Edaleen Dairy so you can get some ice cream while you're there.

    Get $5 in credit for opening an account with this link: https://5dpackages.com/. No promo or coupon codes required!

    No annual fee
    $2 per package
    Open 7 days a week until 9 pm

    442 Peace Portal Dr.
    Blaine, WA 98230
    United States

    (604) 265-4922
    (360) 200-7522
  3. dingaling

    dingaling Guest

    which ones have no annual fee? also, any personal experiences with these companies and how reliable they are? i'm a bit reluctant to ship purchases to some random company to hold. i'm planning to order a $700 phone.
  4. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    In Out Parcel in Point Roberts is supposed to be like 24/7 with lockers and token system. It looks like they took over TLC's location.

  5. Raisins

    Raisins Guest

    what is the USPS-1583 form? do i have to fill it out before using these parcel companies or can i fill it out after?
  6. aboleth_lich

    aboleth_lich Junior Member

    Wow!! I love this thread!! I frequently bemoan Canada Post's high shipping fees relative to the U.S. and the great online deals that I cannot take advantage of because they will not ship beyond the USA's borders! I'll definitely consider one of these methods the next time that I encounter that scenario! :)
  7. Ben Gehrels

    Ben Gehrels New Member

    The thing is, people in other countries would find it ridiculous having to go pick up their parcels in another country. I hate having to go down to Point Roberts just to use Amazon.com or whatever. The e-commerce scene in Canada seems to be slowly getting better, but there are still quite a few annoying aspects.
  8. Daniel Lawry

    Daniel Lawry New Member

  9. Ian

    Ian New Member

    I work at, At the Border Mail. We are located right at the truck border crossing in Blaine. Walk across or drive.

    $10 annual registration.
    $2.5 for small packages.

    We strive to offer fast, reliable service. So please come and see us!
  10. Petes23

    Petes23 Guest

    Signup for an account at In Out Parcel at www.inoutparcel.com/register using promotion code: “VCB” to get one free package received with their automated locker system.
  11. guybca

    guybca New Member

    Recently I had to select a package receiving service close to Vancouver. There were so many and the choices so bewildering that I ended up compiling a spreadsheet of every company I could find. I put so much time into this that I'm hoping someone else gets some use out of it, else an entire day of my life (like too many others) would have nothing to show for it.

    So, here is that spreadsheet. It compares most of the shipping / receiving / mailbox companies close to Vanocuver (in Point Roberts, WA and Blaine, WA):

  12. Nancy Lia

    Nancy Lia New Member

    Thanks for the info!!
  13. CARiD

    CARiD New Member

    Ship happens - what a funny name, yes actually our customers use it for years to avoid charges with UPS. If you decide to ship to Canadian address - there are actually many online services that ou can use for free to calculate the total amount of additional fees, taxes, brokerage etc.
  14. jusku

    jusku New Member

    Thank your sharing your information
  15. jusku

    jusku New Member

    Nice and helpful info thank you for sharing
  16. tomaanderson

    tomaanderson New Member

    Does anyone know of any service or person that would be willing to pop over the border in Sumas, Washington and drive a package sitting at Package Express and drop off at a Canada Post in Abbotsford? I would print a pre-paid shipping label from Abbotsford to Calgary, where I am.

    The problem is Package Express won't ship the package over the US border because it contains a lithium-ion battery for a laptop, and it's become just too complicated due to the amount of paperwork now required, as of Jan. 1, 2017. Our over-zealous regulators are making life extremely difficult for anything lithium-ion related.

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