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Local Restaurants with Birthday Freebies

Discussion in 'Food, Drinks and Dining' started by milquetoast, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    I was toying with the idea earlier in the year about spending a whole day trying to get birthday freebies. Did not happen because all of the lists I could find online were Toronto-centric or woefully out of date. So let's make a better one.

    I have not included BOGO or free item with purchase deals. There are tons of those around but those aren't true freebies! :)

    Free Meals

    Vera's Burger Shack - $10 off any burger or combo, but I think it works for any item that's non-alcoholic. Must be used on your birthday, ID is checked. Have to sign up in advance and they'll email you a coupon the day of: http://www.verasburgershack.com/verasClub.html

    Pajo's - Free Birthday Meal (thanks Free Stuff!)

    Boston Pizza - Free Gourmet Pasta or Dessert
    One per table, you have a week to use it. Must be signed up for their Boston Pizza Email Club. This might have recently changed to a Free Two Topping Individual Pizza though. http://subscription.e.bostonpizza.com/

    Red Robin - Free Gourmet Burger (thanks mz_angel!)
    Sign up for their eClub. I believe you have a week to use this one as well.

    IHOP (International House of Pancakes) - Free Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity or menu item of equal or lesser value. That's 2 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 pork sausage links and two buttermilk pancakes crowned with whipped topping and choice of fruit. You have a week to use it, one coupon per table.

    Must be signed up for their newsletter, but you actually get 3 free meals. One for signing up, one on your birthday, and one on the anniversary of your sign up. It will ask for zipcode, but so use the one for Pt. Roberts, WA since that is close enough to Metro Vancouver. See this thread for details: http://www.forumvancouver.com/threa...ls-when-you-sign-up-for-their-newsletter.207/

    Denny's - Free Original Grand Slam
    Drop by on your birthday with ID.

    Free Drinks, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Etc.

    Booster Juice - Free Smoothie
    Must be signed up for their Booster Nation e-newsletter. http://www.boosterjuice.com/

    Menchies - $5 worth on rewards card
    You also get $2.50 worth with registration. https://secure.murgent.com/emopt/index.php?id=7419

    Marble Slab - Free Ice Cream

    Blenz - Free Beverage (Select Locations, YMMV)
    People have had luck redeeming this at the downtown locations.

    Baskin Robbins - Free Ice Cream
    Go to http://www.baskinrobbins.ca/mailing_list.html

    Starbucks - Free Drink or Food Item
    If you have a registered Starbucks Card: https://www.starbucks.ca/account/create/register

    Tuttimelon - Free Small Yogurt with 2 Toppings (unconfirmed)
  2. ema

    ema Full Member

    Red Robins sings you Happy Birthday and gives you ice cream :)
  3. jacjac

    jacjac Guest

    Thanks so much for the awesome Birthday Freebies deal! I can't wait to get them all on my birthday.
  4. 6u-huo.l.uV

    6u-huo.l.uV Moderator Staff Member

    there's a guy at metrotown who does it scooby-doo style. hlrs
  5. mz_angel

    mz_angel Junior Member

    if you sign up for their email, they give you a free birthday burger.. so that's free burger, sings happy birthday and free ice cream:up:
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  6. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    IHOP - Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity

    Vera's Burger Shack - Ringo Starr Burger


    Boston Pizza - Scallop & Prawn Fettuccini

    Booster Juice - Very Berry
    Their birthday email was broken so I had to contact their marketing department.

    I didn't get an email from Denny's either, but I never bothered to contact them about it.
  7. zefina

    zefina New Member

    Thanks so much for the awesome Birthday Freebies deal! I can't wait to get them all on my birthday.
  8. Steve Zussino

    Steve Zussino New Member

    My wife and I wrote a free eBook that has over 180 free offers across Canada where merchants help you celebrate your birthday with free or discounted offers.

    The free eBook is called "Free Stuff on your Birthday For Canadians" and is basically a Canadian guide to free stuff on your birthday. It is over 140 pages long and packed with information (includes free golf, free dinners, free spa deals, and even shows how to get a birthday greeting from the Queen).

    The eBook is available for free at http://www.groceryalerts.ca/free-stuff-birthday-canada-ebook/.
  9. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Updated original post a bit.
  10. Free Stuff

    Free Stuff Guest

    Pajo's Birthday Meal Coupon
    Please print it, cut it out on the dotted line, and bring to your nearest Pajo’s, along with your picture ID or birth certificate and one piece of ID. Your free birthday meal can be one small order of fish and chips and a drink, or one hamburger, fries and a drink.


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