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RESEARCH STUDY: Seeking Women and their Partners (Age 19-40)

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by UBCSHL, Jan 27, 2017.


    UBCSHL New Member

    We are seeking cis-gender women (women with female genitals) and their partners (of any gender) for a research study. Women may chose to participate with or without a partner.

    The purpose of this study is to examine female genital self-image, and partner perceptions of female genitals.

    No office visits are required, and you can participate from home.

    To participate you must between the ages of 19 and 40 AND either:
    1) A cis-gender woman (woman with female genitals)
    2) In a relationship with a cis-gender woman who is also participating in the study

    For more information, please contact the research assistant at [email protected]

    Up-Swing: Understanding genital PerceptionS in Women to Improve Negative Genital self-image

    N. Todd (M.D.)

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