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Quickest laziest meals and snacks that you make

Discussion in 'Food, Drinks and Dining' started by milquetoast, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    The ones where flavour and texture are often sacrificed in favour of convenience and ease.

    Microwave Egg Sandwich
    1. Beat one egg in a small bowl (asian rice bowls are perfect)
    2. Heat in the microwave for about a minute (depends on your microwave)
    3. Season and make a sandwich in combination with ham, cheese, or whatever you fancy
    4. You could also break the egg apart after it's cooked and make egg salad

    Microwave Baked Potato
    1. Wash potato, season then poke holes all over with a fork (otherwise, they can explode)
    2. Microwave for 5 minutes (again depends on microwave)
    3. Take it out, split it open and add your toppings (sour cream, cheese, bacon bits etc.)
    4. Microwave for another 5 minutes, top with uncooked toppings like chopped scallions
  2. ema

    ema Full Member

    I've done the Microwave Baked Potato (there's that option on my microwave for baked potato)


    Microwave Nachos
    1. Buy tortilla chips, and cheese (lots if you love cheese, cheddar is the best-if possible get the TexMex mix with a little bit of jalapeno flavour yum!)
    2. Take a plate and grab a handful of tortilla chips, throw them on there then cut chunks or dazzle cheese on top and flip some chips to put the cheese under
    3. Microwave until the cheese melts lol, so approximately 1 minute or less
    4. Then take salsa out and eat!
  3. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    You need to add some refried beans to that mix.
  4. richthetech

    richthetech Junior Member

    Craft Macaroni - add ketchup and tuna and hard boiled eggs. It needs the ketchup to kick it up a notch. Bake after making for about 20 min at 375 to crisp the top. Protein comfort food.

    Saw it on Zooom many years ago.

  5. f00die

    f00die New Member

    The best salad ever:

    Toss the following chopped ingredients together with a mango dressing:
    -handful of toasted almonds
    -handful of dried cranberries
    -soft-boiled egg
  6. f00die

    f00die New Member

    Other very quick snacks:

    -chopped strawberries and cream cheese on crackers
    -sliced avocado with papaya
    -avocado drizzled with condensed milk
    -melted Nutella and banana slices

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