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Playland PNE Group Sales Promotional Codes 2010 (and other discounts / coupons)

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by milquetoast, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. JohnECanuck

    JohnECanuck New Member

    would appreciate if someone can PM the discount PNE code to me. :) I would like to take my family $$$$$ and am looking to save where possible.
  2. sentfrumabove

    sentfrumabove New Member

    please be nice and share :)
  3. vpinbc

    vpinbc New Member

    Please, please, please can someone share a discount code.
  4. FEL

    FEL New Member

    I would love the codetoo please! it would be great to save $5. Going to the pne is so expensive. The outragous prices has stopped me from going there for a couple of years now.
  5. teachermama

    teachermama New Member

    ;) We are off to the PNE tomorrow too, with 3 kids : ) My usual WCB friend isn't at work to give me her code. Anyone like to share theirs?

  6. oiboy

    oiboy New Member

    hoping to get a code too . will head to the pne tomorrow morning. :D
  7. jerjer

    jerjer New Member

    Thanks for the Code~!
  8. Missjill

    Missjill New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Mom looking for pne discount codes...thank you in advance ;)
  9. avaliz

    avaliz New Member

    I'm heading to the PNE in an hour. Any chance of getting the code? The code I was given from a friend doesn't work. Thank you.
  10. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Sent to avaliz
  11. lscesh

    lscesh Guest

    Hoping to use a discount code for the PNE tonight - any chance someone can email this to me?

    Thanks so much.
  12. nuthatch

    nuthatch New Member

    Planning on heading to the PNE tonight - discount code???

  13. gnfishin21

    gnfishin21 New Member

    Just discovered this site and hoping to go to PNE tonight. Can someone please share a promo code with me? Looking forward to sharing with the community in the future.

  14. diamondrocks

    diamondrocks New Member

    can someone please email me the code??
  15. skylac

    skylac New Member

    looking for a promo code for playland... :D
  16. neji2

    neji2 New Member

  17. Cyndi

    Cyndi New Member

    I'm curious.. Are there any codes for PLAYLAND for the rest of September? I was thinking about surprising the boyfriend with tickets and convincing some friends to go with us, potentially.

    If anyone does have a code, please PM it to me! :)
  18. DJS

    DJS New Member

    Does anyone have a discount code they could share?
    we are a family of 4 and I can't believe how much the parking, gate admission, rides and food will cost! We could have a trip to hawaii! :)
  19. jasontmc

    jasontmc New Member

  20. bhargie

    bhargie New Member

    thanks :D
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