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Office Depot Vancouver (Broadway & Yukon) Closing Clearance Sale

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by milquetoast, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Supposedly this branch is the best performing store in Canada, but they are closing it because they didn't manage to renew their lease or something. Unfortunate, a lot of items are cheaper at Office Depot than Staples and lower competition for Staples is never good.

    Right now the discounts are up to 20% off, but it will likely increase as time passes.

    310 Broadway W
    Vancouver BC, V5Y 1R2
  2. thekyla

    thekyla New Member

    thanks for the info!
  3. Amadeus

    Amadeus New Member

    hmmm... well if this is the best performing branch, they've got challenges ahead. I've always wondered how they stay afloat... every time i've been there, it's been ghostly quiet... I suspect there will be more discounts along the way...
  4. waaliu

    waaliu New Member

    thanks for the info! but yes, I can definitely see the discount rising as time passes by just as petcetera did...
  5. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    I heard the Langley store announced going out of business too.
  6. westcoaster

    westcoaster New Member

    Yes, just drove by and they are now selling off their fixtures as well. I have never been a fan of this outlet - poor service and limited availability of anything you need.
  7. junkmail

    junkmail New Member

    Thanks for the tip.
  8. paperbagdame

    paperbagdame New Member

    Are the sales still on? I love stationery too much for my own good.
  9. jediknight

    jediknight New Member

    any info on when the store will close?
  10. invictus

    invictus New Member

    sales are still on, but i have seen that they are now starting to sell the shelves on which the merchandise used to sit... i have not heard of an official close date...
  11. jefferson

    jefferson New Member

    I was in the store August 11th, I think, as was told deeper discounts would be applied the next day. Picked up a neoprene netbook case for under $10. Fits the iPad perfectly! :D
  12. qster

    qster Junior Member

    I agree that this was not the best location....maybe some good deals still on back to school stuff.
  13. ktupo

    ktupo Junior Member

    thanks for the info!
    you are really very resourceful
    I see your posts everywhere :p
    thanks for sharing!
  14. pinkienthebrain

    pinkienthebrain New Member

  15. yupkime

    yupkime New Member

    First the Lougheed store and then the Brentwood one.
    Broadway and now Langley are closing.
    I think Richmond's days are numbered ... :eek:
  16. chochokie

    chochokie New Member

  17. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    The Office Depot Langley location currently has huge clearances on a bunch of stuff. Toner is 90% off, computer software is 50% off. Pretty sure the store will be closing next week.
  18. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    The Richmond (Bridgeport) Office Depot is having their closing sale right now, currently up to 30% off.
  19. Sounds like the rest of Canada will be closed by June..... sad, by not surprising.
  20. meredith

    meredith Guest

    are there any bc locations left? their closing out sale started today. all stores across canada are going to be closed by june 1

    Business store chain Office Depot plans to shut down its eight remaining Canadian stores in June.
    That includes their sole Calgary location on 94th Avenue.
    The company cites "tough retail business in this country" for the decision to close its doors.
    A total of 180 employees will be laid off as a result.
    The company, however, will still sell to the Canadian market through their online store at officedepot.ca.
    The first Canadian store opened in 1992.

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