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Need Dental patients for my practicum

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by caranna, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. caranna

    caranna New Member

    I am in desperate need of patients!!

    Hi! I am needing 5 patients for my dental clinical (Vancouver community college downtown), for tooth polishing (prophylaxis treatment) and 2/5 patients who can get sealants placed on their teeth. This will take place in between March 12-22 (I will have exact dates ASAP).The services I'll be providing are obviously 100% FREE as I'm still a student but in order to qualify to be a patient you must go for a standard exam at your dentist and have him/her complete an authorization for the treatments you'll receive in our clinic. I will provide you with a form. Your teeth must be in relatively good condition and not too much restorations done on them. The younger you are the better, or if you don't qualify please spread the word!!
  2. toothless

    toothless Guest

    do you have covid tho

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