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Keeping up with the Dhaliwals

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Surrey 604, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Surrey 604

    Surrey 604 Guest

    [Redacted] a mother of 1, took her brothers wife [redacted] to meet up with their boyfriends in Vegas last week. These women have no respect to their family the fact that you have an affair with your husband, and take your sister in law so she could do the same is disgusting and classless. They deny the whole thing but there is a video circulating as well. Of course pictures speak a thousands words as a PI photographed and videotaped this whole occasion.

    [Redacted] just got married last year, but she has been cheating on her husband for quite some time now with her coworkers at the CRA.


  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    For a second, I thought I was on The Dirty. Who are these people?
  3. JTs

    JTs Guest

    It's a shame that RedFM and the South Asian community are disrespecting the privacy of the people involved. It reflects poorly on us as a community.
  4. PunPride

    PunPride Guest

    They are embarrassing themselves. Pure basti.


  6. gmark

    gmark Guest

    From an outsider's perspective, why is everyone so quick to place blame on the women without their story? Context is everything.
  7. sun

    sun Guest

    it is sad and a basti but at the end of the day these girls cheated on their men
    it really gives surrey folks a bad name..again...now being ridiculed they will hopefully be able to learn from this and patch things up
  8. buttachicken

    buttachicken Guest

    video doesn't work anymore... copyright claim by rajmir janda and amrita grewal? who's rajmir?
  9. jsdofids

    jsdofids Guest

    [Content removed for containing personal information]
  10. DR.PHIL

    DR.PHIL Guest

    [Content removed for offensive content and personal information]
  11. hASAN

    hASAN Guest

    [Content removed for offensive content and personal information]
  12. Meera

    Meera Guest

    Wow just LOL with the last two comments! The person before me (comment) every other word was "f" and the one before that told the girl to commit suicide. Maybe you need to go back to school.

    For once did anyone think for a moment what's going on in the home. Why did the girls do this. You just saw two girls get busted for cheating and you guys were so quick to call them hoe, sl*ts, and whatever discrimination words you had against them. So typical in our community to always put down the women! Honestly people I have never seen this much gossip or attention on OUR INNOCENT WOMEN WHO HAVE BEEN MURDERED BY THERE HUSBANDS IN OUR COMMUNITY! You have women who were burned, stabbed, pushed outta the cars, shot but these two girls seem to be in the spotlight in seconds than the innocent women who died.

    It's disgusting! Women are always thrown down in our community. How about the men that cheat like in general. I never seen them blasted like this!
    Straight up our community sucks! Women will always be put down and men will always try to keep on ruling!

    What these girls did was wrong. If they wanted to cheat they shouldn't have married but being blasted and broadcasted like they were was wrong. For the sake of the child for the sake of the family for the sake of her future. The cheating should have stayed between the couple and familiy.

    Sorry but I will not agree with this BS!
  13. All Married

    All Married Guest

    [Content removed for linking to personal information]
  14. cdn

    cdn Guest

    dear meera per your comments regarding how you feel about the community talking smack of this issue. i get where you are coming from. However really? who is blame to this? the people who messed up. they made the decision and took the chance to cheat including the girls and the 2 guys in the video. now they have to pay the price. Whether through public humiliation and karma.You really expect the public to think about their innocent child and families? the people who cheated obviously didn't care to think of their loved ones. so how do you expect strangers to? Don't get me wrong it bothers me seeing their family pictures posted and names of their loved ones posted all over the net cause now the innocent people in this are getting drowned cause of the actions of these 4 morons. Being both the 2 girls and the 2 guys what they did is wrong and now they will have to pay the price being here with society and also in Gods court thru karma. I hope people out their take this as lesson learnt. someone is always watching you including God.if you consider cheating leave your marriage or otherwise i hope you get busted like these people did. you dont ever deserve to be married.
  15. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana Guest

    Bottom line, no matter what was going on in the homes, bottoem line is these 2 girls cheated. Simple and straight. There is no excuse for the Meera !
  16. THJ

    THJ Guest

    I think the whole thing is just STUPID!! Why hire a PI to broadcast the whole thing so everyone can see. He should not have done that. He should be SUED!!! The poor Kids involved in the whole mess and the family's who watched this. Disgusting.

    And who knows, why both of them did it!! CRAZY!!! No Morals. Just plain Stupidity. Lesson to be Learned.

    Why they did it? Unhappy in their married life obviously!!!

    And the thing to be broadcasted, he is no better than they are!!!! Their all MENTAL.
  17. GossipQueen

    GossipQueen Guest

    You know why...revenge is sweeter than getting laid. They deserve to be bastied worldwide. I gotta give props to whoever that did this. High five! Does anyone know if the husbands took them back?
  18. I just wanna say that this was all wrong.. Ya they cheated but it should not have been all over the internet. Their lives are basically ruined. All there relations are affected with work, family etc. Everyone needs to learn to mind their own business and to the husbands all i gotta say is you guys couldve dealt with this in a better way than to totally ruin these 2 girls.. I feel sorry about the whole situation of how it was exploited.... Just hope that everyone figures there shit out and these girls have some what of a life left.
  19. no one ruined the cheaters lives. the cheaters ruined their own lives.
  20. DR.phil

    DR.phil Guest


    That answers everything the way u think:)

    GROW SOME BALLS FUCK WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE HOUSE? Look what's happening in the hotel!!

    I agree the bitches are not pleased with there husbands mentally or sexually, but why this gets so much attention is cause its the bloody sister inlaw sucking cock with her brothers wife. It's wild it's dirtier then white trash, niggers don't even do this!!!!

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