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Is anyone else getting fed up with those damn robocalls?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Elmware2020, Dec 30, 2020.

  1. Elmware2020

    Elmware2020 Guest

    "Hello, this is an important message from Service Canada..." or "Canada Revenue Agency(CRA)" is the first thing you hear as you pick up your phone and answer it. If you're lucky, there might be an option to press "1" to speak to a so-called officer. Then someone answers claiming to be an officer of some sort. You can either have some fun with them, and play them along, wasting their time, or do what I do, and blow my Storm Whistle into the phone, when they answer. I then chant "This is the Whistle Blower, blowing the whistle on scumbag thieves like you! Get a life! Get a real job! And get a fucking clue, you stupid moron!" I try to get a much of that in as I can before they hang up. They pretty much hate getting loud things blown right into their ears. Anyone else want to try this with loud whistles, air horn, or whatever you have, that is loud. Please do!

    These idiots are scammers, trying to scare you into giving them money. Whatever you do, please don't fall for these scams. There are also many others out there, like the refund scam, and the so-called tech support scammers who trick you into letting them get on your computer, so they can lock you out, or even encrypt your files, and demand a ransom to unlock it. Another way they get you, is to have you go into your bank, and then they black out your screen while using the Inspect Element feature in your browser to change things, like your bank balance, making it look like money was added to your account. If you were to hit "F5", it will change back to normal. The scams works by convincing you that they overpaid, and you have to send back the difference. DON'T!
  2. NoCaCa

    NoCaCa Guest

    I had calls in Chinese, but since I left Fido for another carrier they stoped. it looks to Me that Fido was after Your rollover minutes, they didn't wanted that you accumulated too many minutes, this harassment lasted for years and I contacted the CRTC to complain but they said to be unable to do something, then what to do? after several farts sent to Fido, I changed providers, and I am going to venture a personal opinion, Fido is going to be broke for using this unethical market practices.
  3. Vivek Golikeri

    Vivek Golikeri Active Member

    Aren't we all fed up with those damned robocalls? Give me a break, the Martians are attacking. Where's Orson Welles?
  4. Exidy

    Exidy Guest

    I really don't think Fido is to blame considering they are owned by Telus. They have nothing to gain from supporting robocalling.

    It's just Chinese scammers who are either war-dialing every number possible, or else maybe they purchased a list of Fido numbers.

    I've noticed that my number of Chinese robocallers has dropped to nearly zero since moving to Virgin Mobile (owned by Bell I think?) from Fido.
  5. Elmware2020

    Elmware2020 Guest

    I've managed to get these bastards to stop calling me. They haven't called me in months. They will stop calling until they start up a new call centre at least. Here's how.

    What you do is get yourself a loud screecher (like Storm Whistle) whistle. When they call, and say to press "1" to speak to someone, press it. Wait for someone to answer with something like "Fraud investigation officer..." then blast them with your whistle. Air horn works too. Optionally you can chant a message, but they'll probably hang up on you before you finish. I like to chant "This is the whistle blower! Blowing the whistle on scumbag thieves like you! Get a life! Get a real job, and get an effing clue you effing wanker!" If you do this enough, they will take you off their autodialer.

    Enjoy some peace and quite!

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