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hello everyone!

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by simon999, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. simon999

    simon999 New Member

    a warm hello to everyone here on forum vancouver!
    im new on here and beg your pardon if i do or say anything silly!

    i just wanted to get your views generally about emplyment prospects in vancouver presently, pls.
    im an electronics engineer, having worked on aircraft and avionics in general, in canada and the uk.

    i am a landed immigrant in canada and have full permission to work here of course.
    my problem is this -- i have a possible job offer in toronto available, but my heart is in settling down in BC, doesnt need to be vancouver exactly, but somewhere in BC would be fine.
    reason being, ive been here several times, and living here just seems great.
    im comparing with ontario of course, where climatic extremes are the norm!

    ive been applying already, via workopolis, wowjobs, etc but not a single reply as yet!
    some people say i should be in BC physically and that way i'll have more luck.

    so basically, what do you guys think i should do...carry on applying in BC or chase up the job in ontario?
    the way i see it...if i do take up the ontario job, it'll be damn difficult to uproot yet again to move to vancouver a few years from now....
    but for me BC has it all..and i wanna be part of it!
  2. sonnyboy

    sonnyboy New Member

    Since you mentioned you already tried applying at workopolis and other online job sites, you should try at others that offer a wider scope of opportunities. These are sites like:


    Maybe you'll find a better chance there. That is because employers don't just hire only from Workopolis and any other local sites due to a lot of reasons like saving on costs, etc. This could also be the reason why you are not getting any job from those sites yet.
    AngeLonEarth likes this.
  3. AngeLonEarth

    AngeLonEarth New Member

    I have to agree with sonnyboy. Workopolis just may not be the best way to get hired. Opening yourself to some other options (or in this case to some other job sites), is a start to get to have a lot of job opportunities. Employers are also spreading their wings and trying out some freelance sites in order for them to land on a better and affordable employee. ;)

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