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?good burger joint?

Discussion in 'Food, Drinks and Dining' started by stort, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. stort

    stort Junior Member

    without naming some overrated $19.00 burger place ( fries an extra $12!) what are some hidden gems when it comes to burger joints in metro Vancouver? i can give you a few i tried : ItChar Burger in new west and there is The Northern Cafe and Grill in south east Van ( in a lumberyard!). There WERE a bunch of old school diners scattered about with decent to good burgers in metro Van but in the past 5-7 years they have permanently closed .
    Anny's Dairy Bar, New Westminster is one i've long been meaning to go try. Yelped them, has cheap prices and more then burgers. Also never been to that one way out in Surrey, Hilltop Cafe....apparently they have great burgers and some amazing apple pies everyone raves about. So you guys know any good-great little diners and dives for reasonable cheapish burgers/fries that are under $12-13?? Almost forgot....over on Clark Drive, east van is Truck Stop diner....i really liked their burgers, old school diner run by a chinese family. Not very talkative, but nice and good service.
  2. vanspecial

    vanspecial Guest

    i miss inglewood drive in in calgary. haven't been able to find something to replace it out here. splitz was decent but i think they closed now.

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