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Techvibes Full Stack Developer

Discussion in 'Job Listings (Automated)' started by Job Bot, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Job Bot

    Job Bot Robotic Member

    Linquet is an innovative 'Internet of Things' company focused on linking real things to the cloud and making dumb objects smart. We've started with solving a big problem for 1.9 Billion smartphone users and introduced the first cloud-based anti-loss solution for phones and valuables. And, that's just the tip of a very huge iceberg.

    We’re looking for a full stack web developer to join us in beautiful Vancouver and lead the web/cloud development of an amazing solution which will be used in more than 34 countries around the world!


    • Experience with front-end and back-end development of scalable web applications
    • Experience with Java, Ruby on Rails, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Servlet/Spring/Hibernate/MySQL/SQL.
    • Experience with service architecture including REST and JSON
    • Familiar with maven/svn/github
    • Familiar with Amazon AWS, Google App Engine and Google maps API
    • Familiar with design and development of scalable APIs
    • Computer science degree or similar

    We Want You NOW If You:

    • enjoy working in a fun, vibrant and innovative startup environment;
    • question assumptions, welcome challenges and are not afraid to shoot for the moon;
    • enjoy hacking and building awesome things even when you’re “on a boat”;
    • have a healthy sense of urgency to get things done FAST and RIGHT;
    • are entrepreneurial, creative, energetic and self-motivated;
    • love to work hard and play even harder! :)

    Let’s Linq Up The World!

    We're on the ambitious mission of "linking everything" and want to link the physical world to the cloud to make the world more productive and to open amazing opportunities for others. We’re a small team solving big problems and we want only question-asking envelope-pushing challenge-loving players on our team. So, if you're smart, crazy and fun, come join the 'Internet of Things' revolution!

    How To Apply?

    Please send your resume to [email protected] or provide us with a link to your complete online resume.

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