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Fighting virus: now come to important minutiae or detail part, use air filtering thing (mask)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by forintiam2, Apr 1, 2020.

  1. forintiam2

    forintiam2 New Member

    1. Need educate people: in a virus severe city/place, the air is contaminated and dirty (because of virus and virus poisonings). Especially in an enclosed area: such as MacDonald, department store, Starbucks and office tower etc.. Even for an open area, if it’s crowded – the air is also contaminated, dirty and full of virus.

    So need use an air filtering thing (mask) to filtrate and purify air; and when you wear it, it’s not letting you breath less air, but actually help you absorb/take in more clean/purified air.

    Masks company and government office will need vigorously promote and advertise people to use this medical article (i.e. wearing masks).

    ..After you finish wearing masks, be careful and don’t touch outside part of mask before you sterilize it or simply dispose it; it’s full of virus and virus poisonings..

    2. So can enforce it as a rule/requirement/policy for businesses: (as they did in South Korea or other Country), people are allowed to enter or buy stuff from their businesses only when they wear masks; otherwise, you couldn’t buy coffee/hamburger/juice drinks, or clothes/cups etc in their shops/stores unless you wear mask. (For food, it’s better to order carry-out; if they decide sit to eat, will need keep 2 meter distance from each other).

    3. This rule can also be enforced in working place: People who are willing to wear masks are allowed to go back to work and earn money – need sign an agreement to wear mask in order to work; and will be asked to leave the working place if one is not wearing a mask.

    4. In addition, people are encouraged to cover their hand with gloves or paper/tissue/napkin when touch or hold a door handles of a public place so that virus won’t contaminate their hands.

    5. With wearing masks and covering hand, it can notably reduce virus contagious ratio, to much less than 1.
  2. Bill

    Bill Full Member

    Where all fails, a piece of cloth will do
  3. coronavirus

    coronavirus Guest

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