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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by COVID=19, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. COVID=19

    COVID=19 Guest

    The infection came from a live animals market, is been said that COVID-19 can be transmitted from dogs and cats, without the animals showing any symptoms, should pet Owners have to be more mindful of controlling their dogs on the street? I say Yes! but dog worshippers have entitled themselves to give more right to their animals than people, probably a massive execution of animals is going to be needed to defat this pandemic.
  2. HiThere!

    HiThere! Guest

  3. Quinn

    Quinn Guest

    This is just unsubstantiated fear mongering. People will fight just as hard to protect their pets as their grandparents (I’m not saying their right but I know they will, and if you think I’m wrong you, just don’t know enough pet owners and you obviously don’t have kids because you try explaining why Fibi has to die to a 4 year old... )
    If you would like to live in a country where the government acts like big
    Daddy and treats it’s citizens like naughty school children then I suggest you try China or maybe North Korea- seems like a better fit for you cause here in America our culture is predicated on the principles of personal responsibility as a conduit for personal freedom- they go hand in hand. Tell me I’m wrong
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 23, 2020
  4. FookU

    FookU Guest

    you are wrong You are wrong youuuuu arrrrrrreee wrooooooooonggggg.
    Today 4 year old died and I had to explain that to fibi ...
  5. NoCaCa

    NoCaCa Guest

    Dogs and cats are healthy carriers, and they show no symptoms. this is the invisible risk we have nowadays.
    of course there is always the narrow minded individual with tunnel vision who feels who feels to have the right to have a pet to infect other people. This reality "COVID-19 TRANSMITTED BY ANIMALS" would be unacceptable for the selfish and ignorant pet owners who care more about fibi than the 4 years old's life or its parents and elders.
    You're freedom stops when you trespass the rights of others.
  6. Joe

    Joe Full Member

    Who died?

    The Child or the Dog?

    Can't figger who you're talking about your post.

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