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chinese speaking wedding officiants (marriage commissioners)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thediggitydank, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. there were two names i came across on another forum but i can't seem to find it
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    It's a shame that the provincial website doesn't let you filter by language when looking for bilingual wedding commissioners but I hope this helps.

    Kelly Ip (Yip) is probably the most popular one. http://www.vs.gov.bc.ca/cgi-bin/search/marriage_commissioners.cgi?rm=mode3&pk=149


    416 456 MOBERLY RD
    Vancouver, BC V5Z 4L7
    Phone: 604-899-3311
    [email protected]

    Diana Tang - http://www.vs.gov.bc.ca/cgi-bin/search/marriage_commissioners.cgi?rm=mode3&pk=296


    2168 E 28TH AVE
    Vancouver BC V5N 2X9
    Phone: 604-874-9318
    Cell Phone: 604-828-6668
    [email protected]

    Ivy Leung
    Not sure if Ivy still does weddings since her profile isn't listed on the BC Vital Statistics page but her email is [email protected].

  3. gethitched

    gethitched Guest

    do they speak cantonese or mandarin? who is best? are they fluent in english too (no accent)?
  4. Rebecca

    Rebecca Guest

    Check out www.vancityofficiant.com. I had Kevin Leung as my marriage officiant because he speaks the most fluent English & Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin). I need someone to speak fluent Mandarin as well as Cantonese because my husband speaks Mandarin. He also write us a personal vows which was super touching. He is recommended.
  5. Jacky

    Jacky Guest

    Thanks Rebecca for your recommendation. I booked Kevin Leung for my October wedding and I agree he is the top of the available Chinese marriage commisioner in Vancouver. He is young and cheerful also very knowledgeable in weddings.
  6. Rachel

    Rachel Guest

    I am looking to get Kevin Leung possible as my wedding officiant as well. I want my ceremony mainly in English and only a bit of Chinese in the end. Does anyone know if he has an accent when he speaks English? Thanks!
  7. babblingbrook

    babblingbrook New Member

    Check out Pastor Vickie Wong on Facebook or visit her website pastorvickiewong.ca

    She has been doing quite a few number of weddings in Vancouver and the BC Lower Mainland for more that a few years now in English, Cantonese and/or Mandarin for Christian and non-Christian couples.
  8. Charles

    Charles Guest

    Here's a true story that I witnessed with Kelly and I want all of you to read this before deciding on hiring him as your wedding commissioner.

    My fiancé at the time and I hired Kelly almost right away after we got engaged. We heard great reviews about him from friends. We never got a chance to meet with him before the wedding so we always communicated through e-mails. For the record I never really liked his tone from the beginning. He did not seem engaged with his participation to our wedding and it makes sense after I finish this story.

    My fiancé and I had our wedding this year on September 25th. A month before the wedding we scheduled a rehearsal for September 22nd. This date was actually organized by Kelly because he wanted us to work around that date. Guess what Kelly does? He emails us on September 14th and informs my fiancé and I that he can no longer do the rehearsal for September 22nd. He had to cancel it because something he had to attend to something "more important."

    I was very upset at him at the time. I explained to him that a lot of my family and friends rearranged their schedules so that EVERYONE can attend the rehearsal that date. Here are the exact words of Kelly's reply:

    "Hi Charles & Connie,

    I am sorry about the change which doesn't happen often. My apology to everyone who was planning to attend the rehearsal on the 22nd.

    Although it's always good to have the whole wedding party at a rehearsal, it's fine if some can't make it (sometimes the Commissioner can't make it either). The most important people in the wedding party are, besides the bride and the groom, is whoever walks Connie down the aisle, the best man, the maid of honour, two mothers who are the witnesses."

    Do you know how insincere that sounds? Kelly is awful for cancelling a rehearsal a week before a wedding. He is selfish and doesn't care about his clients feelings. Will not recommend him ever again.
  9. JasonWong

    JasonWong Guest

    Vickie Wong is very professional and experienced.
  10. Mia Tori

    Mia Tori New Member

    I had Kevin Leung from Vancity Officiant for my intimated wedding ceremony. He used templated vows for my ceremony. He did not introduce the love story but have a very generic introduction, probably because of a busy day for multiple couples?
    The ceremony was last about 15 minutes and he charged 2$$, there is no rehearsal as well. So it's kind of a waste to have officiant for intimated wedding.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2017
  11. MichYu

    MichYu Guest

    I had Kevin to be my Officiant as well, yes he used templated vows but I got a few to choose from, he suggested us though we can write our own vows to make it personal. Turned out I wrote mine and he helped us tweak the vows to make it a “promise” instead of a “speech”, after the wedding I realized this could be embarrassing without Kevin’s help. I agree on others that Kevin is friendly, helpful and professional and I am happy for choosing him.

    We also have a choice to write love story or doing a ritual for the same money Mia Tori paid, plus the ceremony in general is not templated, about 20-25 mins long

    I think for the simplest package I have chosen it is reasonable or we would go for a bigger package just we find it not necessary for us.

    Yea I agree with Mia Tori just go to Vital Statistics and look for any commissioner if you want to go cheap, like Kelly, I know officiants are not cheap but they are different. I thought Kelly was pretty good too but might have to think twice after reading Charles’s post.

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