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Chinese Coronavirus Patient in Vancouver (2019-nCoV)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wuhan 2019-nCoV, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. Story: A coronavirus patient arrived in Vancouver last week
    Flight: MU597
    Itinerary: Shanghai Pudong to Vancouver
    Seat: 36
    Date: Jan 18th
    Patient showed no symptoms at time of boarding, but started feeling ill while in Vancouver. Patient seeked for treatment in local medical facility but because patient showed no fever symptom, no further medical check ups were done because they were not in Wuhan. Patient left Vancouver and was confirmed to have the coronavirus in Hospital in China.
    From Jan 19th - Jan 23rd patient have been to following places (not sure if these are the only places)
    - Burnaby Crystal Mall
    -T&T at Richmond Lansdowne Mall
    - Richmond IKEA
    -Home Quarters Furnishing in Richmond
    - 長城家居 (not sure English name)
    -Neptune Wonton Noodle in Richmond
    -Shun Feng Seafood Restaurant in Richmond
    -Cafe above T&T at 49th Ave
    If you have been to the above locations during the time frame, please consider contacting health authority and/or self quarantine.
    I will contact Public Health Canada later and see if they are aware of this or have any updates.
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  2. coronavirus

    coronavirus Guest

    News on WeChat about a #coronavirus case that was in #Burnaby/#Vancouver. Patient arrived on Jan 18 on MU597. Went to 3 lower mainland hospitals & doctors sent him home. Finally diagnosed after he went back to Shanghai. #CoronaVirusCanada

    Article is here


    Because the CBC article was VAGUE about how someone in BC had it and is "recovering at home" (assume China) and they are editing their article while reporting bits...

    The translated version of this persons (rumored) travelling in Burnaby is here


    Jan 18, 8~9pm: Lansdowne T&T supermarket.

    Jan 19: Richmond Outlet in the morning, then Richmond Shunfeng Seafood Restaurant for lunch.

    Jan 20, 2:30pm: 3 furniture stores including Richmond IKEA.

    Jan 21, 1~3pm: Burnaby Crystal Mall.

    Jan 22, Marine Drive T&T, and the seafood restaurant upstairs

    The patient started to feel sick later on Jan 22.

    On Jan 24, the patient went to Burnaby Hospital, Lougheed Elicare Clinic and Vancouver General Hospital. All three failed to diagnose #coronavirus and asked him to go home.

    He then flew back to Shanghai on Jan 25 and got diagnosed in Shanghai.
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  3. corona virus

    corona virus Guest

  4. Bill

    Bill Full Member

    Thanks for the update. This info never made it to the local news.
    Looks like this patient is not the same as the first confirmed case in BC.
    If this patient is back here, then he is the second confirmed case in BC.

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