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Techvibes Big Data & Machine Learning Engineer

Discussion in 'Job Listings (Automated)' started by Job Bot, Nov 25, 2014.

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    At Mobify, our mission is to realize the full potential of mobile commerce with a platform that enables seamless mobile moments for users around the world. Fulfilling this mission means helping our customers understand the goals of visitors to their websites, physical stores, and native application users, modelling their behaviour and automating activities that help visitors fulfill their goals. We accomplish this mission through sophisticated data collection, analysis and recommendation systems.

    Mobify is looking for a machine-learning engineer who is passionate about building new products from the ground up that will help transform Mobile eCommerce for our customers allowing for more seamless and predictable navigation on mobile devises.

    How can this be done?

    As a Machine Learning Engineer at Mobify you will help build what has never been built before and you thrive on this challenge.
    You will utilize your expertize in analyzing big data and writing complex algorithms to understand predictable usage for mobile commerce. Understanding where users want to go before they know it themselves.


    • Apply machine learning, data mining and graph analysis techniques for user modelling and recommendation problems involving real-user eCommerce web telemetry data
    • Work with huge and continuously growing data
    • Design real-time & near real-time algorithms that “drink from the data firehose"
    • You’re able to manage and analyze big data sets with analytical rigor using statistical methods to interpret and understand data and how Machine Learning principles can improve mobile usability for Enterprise ecommerce sites.
    • Work with a talented team of Engineers to deliver products that have never been build before.


    • You have 3+ years experience with machine learning and Big data
    • MSc or PhD in Computer Science with a thesis or significant coursework related to ML / data mining
    • You have strong computer science fundamentals in algorithms and data structures, and are an expert in at least one programming language; preferably Python but we like Engineers who are programming polyglot’s, tell us about it in your application!
    • You have a machine learning background and have developed algorithms and explore approaches for problems such as contextual decision making, discovering new clusters, content targeting and optimization, ranking, prediction, and classification
    • You have experience connecting & working with large-scale data query, storage & analysis systems & techniques such as Hadoop, HBase, MapReduce, SQL, AWS, Kafka, Avro, Voldemort, Hive etc.
    • You have worked with Agile Scrum teams delivering iterative releases to products solving user stories with a Product Management philosophy.

    Bonus points

    Please highlight these experiences in your CV or cover letter.
    • You have worked with large scale or real-time data before
    • You have been on a team that shipped a product that used ML or data mining techniques as a core product feature
    • You have been an entrepreneur
    • Are a programming polyglot and an "Expert" in more than one programming language

    About Us

    Mobify is the mobile commerce platform of choice for leading Fortune 500 companies and drives hundreds of millions of dollars in mobile revenue. Our global customers include Starbucks, BT, Siemens, Expedia, Beyond the Rack, and more.

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