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Battle with new Corona Virus

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by forintiam, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. forintiam

    forintiam New Member

    Spain now start the action, build largest Europe field medical station; but if it was a month or several weeks ago, they only need cost 10%, or use a one tenth of such a temporary hospital which can stop virus very well.


    British Minister's methodology to deal with Virus is not correct: he basically suggest surrendering to virus - letting virus do biggest damage and make worst result to society. just begging or wishing that somehow can get some immunization after worst result has been made by virus. It is stupid : hoping then no worse result after virus has already made worst result; the cost is huge (not only huge sacrifice of people’s lives, but also huge cost of medical treating infected patients). And if virus mutate, all these sacrifice and cost will need re-start again. this is dummy; he mentioned paying attention to old/aged people when doing this, which is just an empty words: virus won't turn around or avoid old/aged people when attacking, The fact that German Mister MerKel herself got infected is an example that this won't work.

    So the right way, will be stay one step ahead of virus, not behind it. don't stay behind virus, as virus march forward - instead of collect causalities and treat partial victims behind it; contrarily you need confront the virus in the front. Capture all the virus voluntarily; virus use human hostage as vehicle spreading and growing, so let's say it may have an army of 100,000 right now. So we need mobilize/summon big number of volunteers/national guard/soldiers/students to go out and hunt/capture virus. just like we use nation people's strength to capture any criminals in society. When virus is captured, and virus will be doomed (either killed by medicine when the patient cure, or died together with its host if patient die). so we need capture all these current 100,000 virus vehicle/host; such as, each severe state catch 10,000 or 20,000. do a carpet/saturation searching/testing, as South Korea: make virus testing available everywhere. Using Van/Car and mobile testing station; request suspected person/patient do a self-reporting, or mass report or our worker voluntarily search and catch. Put them all (infected person – virus vehicle) in isolation: in expropriated Stadiums, hotels, school classrooms or field temporarily hospital and treated with medicine. after 3-4 days carpet/saturation hunting, the number of new added patients will start to dramatically decrease; and it's just a matter of several-week-time to get situation controlled very well. People can resume work and save big economically as well as save big number of lives. If future let's say virus come back again: and while you are able to handle and capture 100,000 virus vehicle/host - you'll find it's very easy to handle when it only has a thousand or hundred cases by using these methodology and monitoring/capturing system. In the same time, people can work and live normally, while waiting scientist to produce a vaccine for the virus.

    Most important is speed match/competition with Virus, let's say virus added 7 more we'll need capture 10 or 15; we'll need to capture more infected person than virus can produce; if virus added 8000, we'll capture 10,000 or 12,000. That way, we always stay ahead of virus. New corona virus has 4 to 7 contagious ratio, and using this way, can dramatically lower down its contagious ratio to much less than 1. After several days’ of blanket/saturation searching and hunting, new added patient number will start to decrease dramatically; until it becomes zero.

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