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Local Asian Dessert Places in Greater Vancouver

Discussion in 'Food, Drinks and Dining' started by milquetoast, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    This is a list of sit down restaurants and cafes that serve Asian style desserts. Bakeries don't count unless they have a sit down area.

    Tofu Dessert / Tofu Pudding
    Excellent Tofu & Snack 好好豆品專門店
    160-4231 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond

    O! Taho Fraser (Filipino Style)
    4223 Fraser Street, Vancouver

    Mylite Soya Foods Closed
    163 Keefer Street, Vancouver

    Excellent Tofu & Snack

    Tong Sui, Sago, Mango Desserts, Shaved Ice
    Icy Bar 利源冰店
    3618 Kingsway, Vancouver

    LoveDrink Cafe
    C5 - 2229 Kingsway (near Nanaimo), Vancouver

    Doolami Dessert 多乐蜜甜品
    8030 Granville Street, Vancouver

    Bubble Fruity 果間茶坊 (桂花林)
    180-8188 Saba Road, Richmond

    Sweetie Pink Dessert 粉紅菲菲甜品
    150 - 8291 Westminster Hwy, Richmond

    Cherry’s Tea & Icy Bar (Food Court)
    Two locations: Crystal Mall, Burnaby and Parker Place, Richmond

    Frappe Bliss 雪花冰 (Food Court)
    Aberdeen, Richmond

    Chiclets Tea House (Food Court) Closed
    Crystal Mall, Burnaby

    100% Healthy Dessert 百分百甜品 Closed
    150 - 8291 Westminster Hwy, Richmond

    Icy Bar

    LoveDrink Cafe

    Doolami Dessert

    Parfaits & Ice Cream
    5556 Cambie Street, Vancouver

    Doolami Dessert 多乐蜜甜品
    (repeat from above)
    8030 Granville Street, Vancouver


    Doolami Dessert

    Bubble Tea (Boba or Pearl Milk Tea)
    Too many to list them all as there are countless independent shops, not to mention the many chains like Bubble World, Pearl Fever, Little Tea House, Estea etc. I will list some crowd favourites.

    Dragon Ball Tea House
    1007 W King Edward Avenue (near Oak), Vancouver

    L&G Bubble Tea House
    5816 Fraser Street (near 41st), Vancouver
    Previously on 41st and Granville but moved

    Green Leaf Natural Food
    5756 Fraser Street, Vancouver

    The One Restaurant
    5908 Kingsway, Burnaby
    Serves regular food and not just desserts, but mentioned because they are known for their towering slush drinks.

    Bubble Queen
    8888 Odlin Crescent, Richmond

    Captain Happy Bubble
    Location varies as they close and reopen a lot. Famous for having topless waitresses.

    The One Restaurant
  2. tofu_man

    tofu_man Guest

    i remember the tofu shop in chinatown. it's got replaced by bao bei which is a rip off. my grandpa would bring home big ice cream buckets of tofu dessert with ginger syrup. their tofu fa was so fresh and yummy. it was very popular and you had to preorder by the bucket. the one in richmond is ok but doesn't compare.

    i can't go to captain happy bubble anymore. the topless waitresses at CHB are staying the same age while I'm getting older which sucks man. i'm old enough to be their father :eek:.
  3. tofu fa

    tofu fa Guest

    yes that place in chinatown did have the best douhua in vancouver. was very so sad to see it go. now i go to richmond to get my tofu fa fix. my friends seem to enjoy doolami and their durian sago and durian ice cream but i haven't made the trip there yet. interesting to see they are copying the earnest ice cream packaging.
  4. Henry

    Henry Junior Member

    Wheres this Captain Happy Bubble...?

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