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Fashion & Beauty WHITE TRASH?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WHITE TRASH, Apr 26, 2015.


    WHITE TRASH New Member

    Today I encountered a white woman who is so rude to be. I was trying to help her at the cash counter in my store, she showed me her membership card after I finished her transaction, so I offered to redo the transaction for her in order to give her membership discount, by the time my manager come to the cash counter, out of blue the white woman said to me like "why don't you ask me if I have membership card", "your customer service is bad", I explained that I did checked her file which shows her membership card expires, the person who renewed the membership card for her forgot to update her file, but the white woman keeping telling my manager how bad my customer service is !

    I just cannot take it! it is such a little thing so easy to redo, why she make it a big deal, say something so mean to my boss. I think she hate Asian girls, she did that on purpose, because she just couldn't hide how much she hated Asians, or she was trying to make me lose my job. but , as soon as she walk out the store, my manager said "this woman is so mean", I said "maybe she hates Asians", my manager said: "I guess she hates everybody, she may not be happy with her own life."

    I am happy I have a very smart & supportive manager who is a white woman too, but a nice one. The white trash who insulted me is just a trash. I wouldn't hate all white people because one of them is a trash.
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Doesn't seem like it's race related. Bitches will be bitches.

    WHITE TRASH New Member

    I don't think she dare to do that to a white girl or a local girl, she did that to me because she took advantage of me, maybe I look weak on the surface, but actually I am very strong, when I got home, I said 100 times "bitch" to my memory of her and cursed her. I just hate people insulting me. I slap her 100 times in my mind.
  4. flutterby

    flutterby Active Member

    Although I highly empathize with your complaint ( i worked at Starbucks when it first opened and the customers were a nightmare) I take offence at your name "White Trash". How would you like it if someone signed on as 'Asian Trash'? It is racist and shouldn't be allowed by the mods here.
  5. Vivek Golikeri

    Vivek Golikeri Active Member

    Agreed. Racism against whites is just intolerable as racism by whites.

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