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Students UBC U-Pass is ink blue this fall

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by milquetoast, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Got it in the mail a few days ago. They're changing how they're distributing it to what SFU is doing. So instead of one U-Pass from September to April, it looks like we get one Sept-Dec and another one Jan-April, which is good if you like collecting the different colours haha.
  2. ema

    ema Full Member

    It's such an ugly colour man :(
    Oh yeah, what's up with the UBC student cards being ...grey or blue?
    The new blue ones look nicer and for the whole time I think I'm colour blind.
    Cause I thought the UPass was purple LOL so I bought a purple UBC lanyard cardholder to match :p

    Just to realize now it's not =="
    And damn, I wanted to use Agnes as my avatar :(
  3. o

    o Junior Member

    how do we change avatars?
    help me ^_^ please

    oh and my upass end up being ripped each semester, i don't know where the old ones were,
    my mom wants to keep them though
  4. ema

    ema Full Member

    Mmm, go to PROFILE at the top then click on MODIFY PROFILE then click on FORUM SETTINGS (can't remember the name)
    Then yeah lol
  5. lwza

    lwza Junior Member

    Get a case for your UPass, or just stick it in your wallet. I always lost mine until I started doing that and ended up paying a lot for replacements. Could've used that money for coffee instead lol.
  6. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    It's freaking bright yellow like a lemon :confused:.

  7. ema

    ema Full Member

    WOOOOHOOO I won't lose mine ever again ^^
  8. o

    o Junior Member

    YO LOOK awesome :DDDD
  9. ema

    ema Full Member

    lol Freaking, I receive mine today and I was looking for a cartoon girl LOL.

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