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Finances & Real Estate Nu-Gen Projects' BrickStone Walk False Advertising

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stack, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. stack

    stack Junior Member

    There is this townhouse project in New Westminister by Nu-Gen Projects Ltd which is known as BrickStone Walk. The cheapest plan in the development is the 1 bedroom Moody Plan which sells for $259,900.

    Why do they keep advertising a price of "From $229,900"? This is false and misleading. I don't know if they ever have a unit for $229,900, but for a long time, as long as 9 months, the cheapest unit at BrickStone Walk is $259,900 and they keep advertising the price as $229,900.

    The last advertisement is on Metro Vancouver, Weekend Edition Nov 30, 2012 and the $229,900 price they advertised is fake and misleading.
  2. Hi Stack,

    I just confirmed that your information is incorrect. A home is available for $229,900 but it does not include a parking space. With parking you'd pay $249,900.
  3. stack

    stack Junior Member

    Good evening Lorraine

    I'm positive that the home advertised for $229,900 does not exists now. I've been to your presentation centre at 6th Street many times and last time I was there the cheapest is the Moody Plan selling for $259,000 with parking. If there was one, neither you (Lorraine Brett) or Courtenay Edwardes ever mentioned the $229,900 home.

    Perhaps you can tell me what is the unit number and plan of this $229,900 home. I will drop by your presentation to check it out :)
  4. man4424

    man4424 Guest

    I believe this is now corrected, in today's Metro advertisement, Brickstone Walk is advertised as from $259,900.
  5. stack

    stack Junior Member

    Saw that ad in Metro newspaper today. Yes, they finally corrected the "from" price to $259,900 (that's assuming the ground floor 1 bed room Moody Plan is still available, any of those 2 bedroom is above $350,000, maybe higher now)

    The problem with developers is they tend to put a very low price, but when you visit their presentation centre, they do not have the unit available and their lowest is a lot higher than what was advertised.
  6. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Yeah, most of the time they only have 1 or 2 units at the advertised low price. They also never include parking and storage space.

    I hate the developments that don't list prices on their website.
  7. Bexcie

    Bexcie Guest

    Hi: This is not different than shopping in a store and they say prices up to 50% off...you know there is only one item and a less desirable item for this discount and everything else is maybe 10% off. You noted the 2 bedrooms being 350plus. I have purchased a 2 bedroom and paid less than 300K although this was when they first starting selling. I know prices change as real estate does everywhere. This location is valuable and the units unique and lovely.
  8. compass

    compass Junior Member

    You must have bought a Phase 1 two bedroom for that 300K price. The Phase 2 two bedrooms is listed at 350K minimum in 2012. Your 300K does sounds low, it could be a smaller two bedroom unit, a one-level unit instead of two levels, or a unit that has less features than the others? Either that or you have close relationship with Nu Gen Projects who decided to give you a nice discount! It is a nice location but is on a hill, seniors will not like walking uphill/downhill. There is also no garage as opposed to a true townhouse with a garage and Brickstone Walk charges for the storage locker.

    Brickstone Walk last advertised their two bedroom plus den (Massey Plan - two levels) for 414K.


  9. compass

    compass Junior Member

    Mosaic is another developer that advertises at a price that is non-existent. They advertised their Hillcrest Townhomes for $289,900. But when at their homestore, they will quote their cheapest townhouse at $340,000.

  10. compass

    compass Junior Member

    So is Westwood from Mosaic. Advertised as under $300,000. At the homestore, the cheapest townhouse is selling at $350,000.

  11. Unsatisfied

    Unsatisfied Guest

    We were cheated from the Developer, the Sheet that was presented to us.
    The features and finishes that was presented to us said:

    Kitchens: Modern Maple Cabinet Doors
    Interior living space: 2" thick faux wood window blinds.

    What we got: cheap particle board and melamine cabinet doors and cheap 1 inch aluminum blinds.
    We have't been able to get the developer to deliver this items so we are looking for legal advice and as soon as the strata is formed we will bring this issues to all owners, maybe as a collective we can seek legal compensation for this cheap replacements that decrease the value of our investment.

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