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Automotive Newly installed red light camera locations in BC

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Matt, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Matt

    Matt Guest

    The Province’s Intersection Safety Camera (ISC) program has been upgraded and expanded. The upgrades will see dedicated digital cameras placed at 140 sites in 26 communities in British Columbia.

    Here are the sites in Richmond and Vancouver with red light camera:
    Richmond Cambie Rd No. 5 Rd
    Richmond No. 3 Rd Blundell Rd
    Richmond Gilbert Rd Blundell Rd
    Richmond No. 3 Rd Westminster Hwy
    Richmond No. 5 Rd Westminster Hwy
    Richmond Garden City Rd Westminster Hwy
    Richmond Alderbridge Way Shell Rd
    Richmond Garden City Rd Cambie Rd

    Vancouver Knight St 33rd Ave
    Vancouver Knight St 49th Ave
    Vancouver 49th Ave Tyne St
    Vancouver Burrard St Davie St
    Vancouver Victoria Dr 49th Ave
    Vancouver Granville St 49th Ave
    Vancouver Kingsway Ave Joyce St
    Vancouver Clark Dr Venables St
    Vancouver Hastings St Renfrew St
    Vancouver Granville St King Edward Ave
    Vancouver Kingsway Ave Nanaimo St
    Vancouver Grandview Hwy Rupert St
    Vancouver Granville St W 70th Ave
    Vancouver Oak St 70th Ave
    Vancouver Fraser St 49th Ave
    Vancouver Granville St 16th Ave
    Vancouver Hastings St Main St
    Vancouver Kingsway Ave Victoria Dr
    Vancouver SE Marine Dr Fraser St
    Vancouver Oak St 57th Ave
    Vancouver Hastings St Nanaimo St
    Vancouver Marine Dr Argyle St
    Vancouver Oak St 41st AVE
    Vancouver Burrard St Pacific St
    Vancouver Knight St 57th AVE
    Vancouver Main St Terminal Ave
    Vancouver Georgia St Denman St
    Vancouver Broadway Ave Commercial Dr
    Vancouver Marine Dr Main St
    Vancouver Granville St 41st Ave
    Vancouver Oak St 33rd Ave
    Vancouver Broadway Ave Nanaimo St
    Vancouver Boundary Rd 49th Ave
    Vancouver Georgia St Cardero St
    Vancouver Marine Dr Kerr St
    Vancouver 41st Ave Cambie St
    Vancouver Boundary RD 1st Ave
    Vancouver Hastings St Clark Dr
    Vancouver Nanaimo St Dundas St
    Vancouver Granville St Marine DR
    Vancouver E 1st Ave Commercial Dr
    Vancouver Broadway Ave Main St
    Vancouver E 12th Ave Kingsway Ave
    Vancouver E 41st Ave Victoria Dr
    Vancouver Oak St 49th Ave
    Vancouver SE Marine Dr Victoria Dr

    It costs about $170 for each ticket, so don't run the Red light!!
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  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    How about not running the red light because it's dangerous? [​IMG]
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  3. 6u-huo.l.uV

    6u-huo.l.uV Moderator Staff Member

    haha. same goes with any unsafe driving practices. don't do it not because you'll be punished, but rather because it's inherently unsafe. kinda like the situation on v day when there were all these cops busting people for using their phones while driving.
  4. dondraper

    dondraper New Member

    it costs the same for running a red light as not paying for a ticket on the skytrain?
  5. jrysmile

    jrysmile Junior Member

    more like don't run the late yellow light. I got 2 tickets already just for running the late yellow.:mad:
  6. Henry

    Henry Junior Member

    I thought the cameras were only for collisions and accidents - Those cameras were already so expensive, but guess they upgraded
  7. They're getting rid of them in the states, does anyone know why ? And what ever happened to photo radar?

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