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moving to okanagan?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stort, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. stort

    stort Junior Member

    Anybody here recently move away from Vancouver area to the okanagan? Specifically Penticton . Not going into details why or the fine details of how big Penticton is versus big city Vancouver, costs of living, employment, blah blah.....studied that to death already. Just asking from real people who made the move and like to know if you regretted it or should of gone to kelowna instead? Did you find it too boring/hard to find employment/the winters too quiet or too cold? Did you miss the metro vancouver dining scene, you miss the Rain, or the bountiful shopping options? Or did you find once settled in, it was/is a friendly community with lots of sunshine and everything you desire all in the entire okanagan region? Thanks!
  2. gardengnome

    gardengnome Guest

    not penticton but kelowna. no regrets we're major homebodies so the main thing we miss is the food and our family. we make lots of trips back. i suggest finding a job before you move. try visiting and staying there to vibe it out.
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  3. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    https://www.reddit.com/r/britishcolumbia/new might be helpful

    We have friends the retired to the Summerland area; They love the quieter pace. Winter gets a tad cold and lasts longer up there...
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  4. stort

    stort Junior Member

    Hi, thanks for your reply. I am familiar with visiting Penticton/Summerland and have long term relatives in both cities, also my parents lived on and off in both cities ( plus Princeton , many small okanagan communities). I am interested in peoples such as yourself and the positives and negatives. I'm a bit surprised the Kelowna food scene (for you) is lacking somewhat. I know we are spoiled in Vancouver with food options, but i figure Kelowna would be sorta a jewel in the okanagan crown. Imagine how sucky it can be in Penticton with only 33,000 people and early night closures! Summerland food scene is even more scary. The pub there and Zia's italian restaurant apparently the only thing worth going out for dinner. Oh well.....
  5. stort

    stort Junior Member

    My aunt/uncle/cousins live in Summerland, my parents lived in Summerland before and after i was born, i got a brother who retired and lives in Penticton ( he difficult to get words and emotion out of so no point asking his opinion). Summerland is ''nice'' but mainly a retirement town , not much going on in general, i do like that town but i still need to work/pay bills/mortgage, etc, so i'm not so interested in moving there unless i got a good secure job in Penticton and commuted the 20 minutes by hwy. You know, the winters there are not as bad as they once were. Not as deep cold or even the amount of snow fall then decades ago. But!!!!....a nice change of scenery from the copious Vancouver rains. Also, they just get way more sunshine, the dreaded '' okanagan valley cloud inversion'' is laughable and tolerable if you compare and hate on the vancouver winter months. They get powdery dry snow falls, one can dress warmer and not feel damp and wet/cold like vancouver. I've had my fill of rain living in Vancouver. I love the Okanagan scenery, the trees, vegetation, the Lake, low mountains....always felt happier whenever i visited Summerland and got my sunshine fix.
  6. Checkersuper

    Checkersuper Guest

  7. stort

    stort Junior Member

    you sir are correct. I have a reddit account, got banned from the vancouver reddit after 8 months. Too be honest, i was glad, was about to ban myself ...lol. Mind you, the BC/Canada subreddits and other reddit forums not bad. Mostly a very toxic vancouver reddit.

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