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I got scammed by Rona

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by Trusting Guy, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Trusting Guy

    Trusting Guy Guest

    For a weekend project, I went to Rona on Austin ave to buy some screws and washers for them. Under the size I was looking, they had stored the wrong kind. I asked a store clerk to help find the right size. He couldn't find them. I needed the screws so I chose a slightly different size and asked the clerk if I could return them if they didn't work. He said OK. I asked him to find me the appropriate washers for the screws. He grabbed a box of washers for me. I asked if it was OK to test a washer on a screw to see if it fit. OK he said again. Everything seemed to fit. I paid for the 2 items and left.

    Low and behold, the screws didn't fit. I brought both packages back for refund. The cashier looked at the items and said; Doesn't seem that there is enough in these boxes and took off. Knowing that I hadn't used anything from the boxes, I just patiently waited for them to figure it out. Then the cashier appeared with an old grumpy lady that I assumed was the manager. Right away she said " Give him only 50% refund on each item". What? I said. Why? She said there isn't enough in each box. I said count them. I didn't take anything out of the packages. She looked annoyed and started counting the washers. She came up with 74 washers instead of 100. She said to the cashier, "Give him 75% refund for this. She was not interested in anything I had to say. She looked determined that she had caught a guy who had stolen 25% of the washers. Then she said, "The screws don't seem right either. I said count them. She counted and there were 100 just like there should be.

    At the end they took 25% off the pack of washers. The refund came to something like $1.00 less than I had paid for them. I would have been screwed either way. If I had kept the washers, I would have been 25 washers short. If I returned them like I did, I would have got 25% less money.

    What really gets me was that right away she assumed both packages were short and if I hadn't protested she was going to take 50% off both. I told her that I would never shop at Rona again. I was going to buy a bunch more stuff for my project but no way I would spend a penny at Rona again. As it turned out, I went and bought all the stuff I needed at Home Depot and easily made up the $1.00 or more that Rona scammed me because the Home Depot prices were cheaper.

    Moral of the story: If you buy packaged items like screws and washers, get the staff to count them first. If the package got spilt, got shoplifted or whatever, if you buy it, it is yours. Basically Rona is passing off it's cost of shoplifting or lost items to customers. They spend millions on advertising and for $1.00 lose a customer for life. Suckers. Serves them right! Because of this, never again I will spend a penny (or nickle) at Rona.
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Were the screws and washers in a sealed box? If so, I'd blame the company packaging them instead of Rona.
  3. Trusting Guy

    Trusting Guy Guest

    The screw package was sealed but I broke the seal to test a washer with a screw. The washer box wasn't sealed. They come in little cardboard boxes that anyone can open. Basically anyone can open them at any time and take washers out and close them and unless you counted them, you wouldn't know if any was missing.
    Apparently they happily sell you washer boxes without checking how many are in them but upon return they count. Actually they don't count unless you insist. They go by "They don't look right" and "Refund only 50%" based on guess work.

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