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Employment Opportunities for Japanese Immigrants

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by Jon, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Jon

    Jon New Member

    I have been in a relationship with my Japanese girlfriend since 2003 and marriage is close. The relationship had predominantly been a long distance one, though we did live together for 14 months from '09 to '10, a move for her that was intended to be a permanent one.

    During those 14 months, she managed to find work with three different companies (not simultaneously), with the last one being the most stable (accounting clerk) for a large company in Richmond. All this was done with a one year working holiday visa.

    She has a bachelor's degree in law and about six years of work experience (five in Japan, one in Vancouver) in administration and various areas in accounting.

    She returned to Japan to tend to family matters and while away, received Canadian Permanent Resident status. She's been away for just over a year and is now reluctant to return to Vancouver because, among other matters, she feels that employment opportunities for female Japanese immigrants, despite holding Permanent Resident status, are limited, making life difficult. She bases this conclusion on blogs of other Japanese females that have moved to Vancouver, which I find ridiculous.

    Among her other concerns are problems that may arise because of her lack of English skills (which I also find ridiculous because her English skills far exceed those of MANY immigrants here) and difficulty in making friends.

    It seems that the relationship will now end based on a bunch of trivial matters. While she (somewhat) recognizes what she was able to accomplish during her 14 month stay here and admits that she was generally happy, her natural pessimism and lack of confidence hold her back. As she says through tears that the end of the relationship would not based on a lack of love but rather a lack of confidence on her part, I am caught between screaming out in frustration and shaking my head in the ridiculousness of it all. Am I missing something?

    If it matters, my annual income is $63K. Assuming her employment opportunities REALLY are as bad as she believes, will life really be that difficult?

    I wonder if any of you have anything to share about life in Vancouver as a Japanese immigrant, particularly a female one. I'm interested to know about your experiences in finding employment, building new social lives, raising a family, etc

  2. mission

    mission Full Member

    In the worst case, she works at retail, fast food etc, your combined salary should be over $80K, life should be ok for both of you considering many vancouver families live with a combined salary of $50K or more.

    Ps. She can join a Vancouver hotel, tourism industry, her Japanese language skills is much needed

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