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Fashion & Beauty What's your favourite clothing store that offers online shopping?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mon, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. mon

    mon New Member

    I absolute LOVE forever21:


    They update their website so frequent that I have to avoid browsing it sometimes. :D Their shipping is so quick. I place an order on Sunday and it would arrive on Tuesday. I haven't done any return yet but their return policy for online shopping is kinda meh.... To return, you have to pay for shipping or if you do it instore, you get a credit instead of cash. The free shipping with $75 purchase is kinda much too, but at the end, it's not that hard to buy :D
  2. lwza

    lwza Junior Member

    I like www.urbanoutfitters.com. Shipping is sort of slow, but they've got free shipping for orders over $150 to Canada now, so I'm sorta excited for that. Return policy definitely sucks for UO, but not like I ever return anything!
  3. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    No more trips to Point Roberts? :(
  4. lwza

    lwza Junior Member

    Trips to Point Roberts for other things are possible, such as picking up pictures that will be developed from the film that I am planning to send to the states for developing. When's the next trip? :D
  5. emaycee

    emaycee New Member

    definitely forever 21
  6. chong

    chong New Member

    Hollister . They clothing is super cute and nice , but maybe a bit pricey . The sales are really good though !
  7. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Their brick and mortar shop is horrible though. I can't stand shopping there, it's like being in a dark room with excessively loud music.
  8. andiamo

    andiamo New Member

    i agree, forever21 is my favourite.
  9. jnnkn

    jnnkn New Member

    For shoes, Browns is pretty good esp when they have their sales.
  10. ema

    ema Full Member

    Urban Outfitters I guess since Aritzia doesn't allow any shipping.
    And Hollister/Abercrombie&Fitch ONLINE since the stores make me feel like I want to throw up 24/7.
  11. melvin88

    melvin88 New Member

    I love etsy.com but am not sure if all vendors will ship to Canada.
  12. hippychix

    hippychix New Member

    i use victoria secret.. they have great clothes that fit all styles and bodies and are great
  13. dthuynh

    dthuynh New Member

    I like shopmarciano.ca
  14. teritc

    teritc New Member

  15. GrandMa

    GrandMa New Member

  16. natataa

    natataa Guest

  17. ema

    ema Full Member

    way to gain yourself some dough.... no ref codes, do i want to edit or not hmm, reply back! xxoo
  18. kelly22

    kelly22 Junior Member

    My favorite is also forever21. They have a really good portfolio.
  19. mission

    mission Full Member

  20. Isabel Rae

    Isabel Rae Guest

    Forever 21 is one that I like but I do not shop online. I shop online with clothing with brands or no brans as long as I like it from different stores, usually I look for stores in facebook or search thru google.

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