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Tech What do you think about Mobilicity in Vancouver?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by EnVy, Apr 12, 2011.


Are you a Mobilicity customer?

  1. Yes

    3 vote(s)
  2. No

    7 vote(s)
  3. I would consider becoming one in the future

    2 vote(s)
  1. EnVy

    EnVy New Member

    My recent experiences with Mobilicity have not been positive. I'd like to hear about everyone's experience with this company!
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    This thread contains some user reviews. There was also a Wind vs. Mobilicity thread somewhere, which you can find using the search bar in the upper right.

    Long story short, it's satisfactory and works most of the time for me. I run into a few network holes around the city but they're not frequent. The one that bothers me most is 41st and Granville. Data has gotten better but I haven't used data with rogers so I have no basis of comparison. Indoor reception (for example in a mall) is spotty so that's the only major issue. Haven't tested how nice their customer service reps are.
  3. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    My mom was on Mobilicity for about a month. She's on Rogers now. Signal was bad for her. I'm still with Wind. Getting pretty good reception as long as I'm not underground.
    EnVy likes this.
  4. EnVy

    EnVy New Member

    Do you usually use it in the Vancouver/Downtown area? When I signed up with Mobilicity, they had no reception in many places such as Metrotown, Pacific Centre (lower level), most areas of Richmond, SFU, etc.

    I was with Mobilicity for approximately 2 months, switched to Rogers now too :)
  5. Kits-boy

    Kits-boy Guest

    I have had Mobilicity for 1 month and I live in the heart of Vancouver. The reception SUCKS even in big city coverage areas such as Vancouver! I moved away from Rogers because of price but now it seems you get what you pay for - in the case of Mobilicity, alot less than you pay for. I am totally unimpressed. As well, I invested stupidly into their Nexes S handset only to find out that you have no search capabilities for email. When you have alot of email on your phone, its something you have to have! I made a mistake going to Mobilicity. I will try to find another carrier. I would not advise people use Mobilicity who need a dependable carrier in the limited coverage areas that Mobilicity offers.
  6. kelly22

    kelly22 Junior Member

    My personal experiences are also not positive. I´ve a still problem with them.
  7. Kay1342

    Kay1342 Guest

    Have you tried using K9mail? You could always switch over to Wind and see if you have better reception. Wind has been working out for me mostly.
  8. lortech

    lortech Guest

    I have done my share of telecom work but not with the towers, or its electronics. But all equipment and leased land ends up in the debt pie and has to be paid by the customers. If your service is Telus, bet on having the best service "If they own the equipment and leased the land long before any other telco provider has done so"

    I have solo. Not happy with its internet download speeds but, this is what I paid for. I can only guess its subscriber base per frequency channel is higher then telus chanell. Its also possible that telus IP packets have higher priority to pass though the routers if other incombant telocs also pass though those routers.

    Not been happy with bell "we are in some kind of FF null zone, even though the dipoole cell antenna is four blocks away and pointing in our direction!" This is not typical of how radio RF field radiation patterns work. Anything cell that is at the zero azimuth, will recive the highest Db or Decibel streangth off the front of the RF loab, vs the sides and almost non of the rear of the antenna.

    I would love to get a hold of a RF field strength RF mapping software and just record the signal strength over a year of my service provider and see what it comes up with for coverage.
  9. macoy

    macoy Guest

    Yeah they said that they have invested big money and yet the signal here at my place just near the center of surrey is still too weak at times. What did they d with the money. They have to strengthen their signal. I am almost deciding to switch back to rogers or another company. If I see no change the next months I might switch.
  10. Chatr would be a good option to look into as well :)
  11. mission

    mission Full Member

    ChatR is owned by Rogers, just a different marketing strategy... which makes ChatR attractive because Rogers is one the major players apart from Telus and Bell.
  12. VancouverUnlock

    VancouverUnlock New Member

  13. Rick

    Rick New Member

    I live in North Burnaby and have been using Mobilicity for about a year. Price is great, reception is usually pretty good but is limited in the Valley. The price point for my everything included plan is very good. Wouldn't mind seeing an Iphone as an option. The unlimited data is great. I've used the phone in Europe a couple of times this year and in the States. You just have to make sure you have enough money in your Wallet but it controls how much you spend, unlike my friends who go some really nasty bills when they got back. All in all, I'm a happy customer.
  14. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    Really wish Wind Mobile would release the Galaxy S II. If Mobilicity release the Galaxy S II I'll switch over right away.
  15. VancouverUnlock

    VancouverUnlock New Member

    Unfortunately I do not think Mobilicity will ever support the iPhone.. Mobilicity operates on a network frequency that the iPhone does not support.

    There was rumors that the 4S would support the AWS frequency band, which is 1700/2100 but that did not happen.

    Hopefully Mobilicty and Wind will support a future iPhone model :)
  16. Patrick

    Patrick Guest

    there is a T-mobile galaxy SII being released witch will support mobilicity.. Galaxy SII (Hurcules) or just get the new Galaxy nexus?
  17. Night Of GuardianS

    Night Of GuardianS Active Member

    The T-Mobile Galaxy S II(aka Hercules) will work on Mobilicity and Wind Mobile as long as it's unlocked. but why buy from T-Mobile(USA network) when you can buy from Telus. Surprisingly, the Telus Galaxy S II will have the AWS bands of 1700/2100. Which will work with Mobilicity and Wind Mobile.

    Reason why I want Wind to release the phone is because I want to get the phone on Windtab+. Or at least release the Galaxy Nexus. Last year I bought the T-Mobile Galaxy S for $500, but I'm not looking to do that this time around.

    Telus Galaxy S II review http://mobilesyrup.com/2011/09/29/video-telus-samsung-galaxy-s-ii-x-review/
  18. jrysmile

    jrysmile Junior Member

    My friend had moblicity as her carrier and she switched over to Rogers within 3 weeks. Connection was bad.. nothing worked out for her. I would just stick to the big 3 Rogers/Telus/Bell
  19. 1hellokitty1

    1hellokitty1 Guest

    I was with Mobi since Feb. 2011, i just switched carrier recently to bell (promo). I do not get signal with Mobi when im inside some buildings. I lost good amount of contracts for work cuz of no signal. I had one emergency situation, and for f''n sakes NO SIGNAL!. tried switching to roaming, but won't connect right away.

    Mobi is good when you are in open, fairly good on some buildings but no all. FOR EMERGENCY SITUATION, better off to pay extra dollars to save your life.

    They are new company, so i understand the hiccups. But for now ill stick with the big 3. but once Mobi improve their network in coming years. I will no doubt go back.
  20. Grant

    Grant Guest

    rogers employees stole money form me and a never got it back even after multiple complains to the company this is why i will never use their product or services again
    not to mention move on demand what a joke i have been getting this service for the past 9 yrs on the net for free to hell with rogers and their corrupt employees

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