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What Cell Phone Provider You're With?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Night Of GuardianS, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. 604vietboi

    604vietboi New Member

  2. mikli

    mikli New Member

    City Fido unlimited local for $40
  3. greyzet

    greyzet New Member

  4. cro

    cro New Member

    fido! 28 bucks per month, all included with taxes..... i get unlimited texts, 200 day time (i dont need mroe as i work during the day), free evenings and weekends, cant beat that.
  5. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    ^ is that a retentions offer?
  6. ehw

    ehw New Member

    I've been with Rogers for about 10 years, on various inexpensive monthly plans, as I hardly use my phone, and have had no real problems with them. My husband was with Telus but found Rogers has better reception and also he wanted the iPhone so switched over.

    I was thinking of switching to pay as you go once my contract expires, but talked to them and they offered a very cheap monthly plan that I didn't know about, which I think will be fine for my usage, and that way, I get a new phone for free instead of having to pay for one with pay as you go. The phone I have now isn't bluetooth compatible which is why I want a new phone.
  7. tted

    tted New Member

    I use Telus prepaid, $10 a month. Then again, the phone is only for emergencies.
  8. mikeivb

    mikeivb New Member

    Telus - been with them for 8 years now, no complaints. I pay $50+tax for my phone/data package
  9. coryL

    coryL New Member

    I just switched to Virgin recently. Pretty happy with them so far, their prices are a little bit lower than Rogers who I was with before. Only problem is its geared toward teenagers and all the Automated messages are in this annoying teen voice =/
  10. maddogd

    maddogd New Member

    With the Big Red...
  11. bobo

    bobo New Member

    Telus & Rogers
  12. ema

    ema Full Member

    I'm with Fido and so far so good. Haven't had any dropped calls--but my plan is just the regular $25 FIDO with data add-on.
  13. somethingawful

    somethingawful New Member

    was with bell but its the devil, with rogers now
  14. shiftedweight

    shiftedweight New Member

    im with rogers its great. lets dance
  15. tenshi888

    tenshi888 Junior Member

    I'm with Fido, for many many years now

    unlimited incoming
    100 daytime minutes
    1000 e/w minutes
    2500 text msgs
    voice mail
    call/name display

    about $38 after taxes...it would be cheaper but they won't waive the "no system access fee" for me cause i've been renewing my plan
  16. Mandy6868

    Mandy6868 New Member

    I am with Rogers
  17. zapwnza

    zapwnza New Member

  18. jolan101

    jolan101 New Member

    I'm confused with all the different phone providers and just can't make up my mind... currently have 7-11 speakout prepaid.
  19. frutips123

    frutips123 New Member

    Im with fido... retentions plan :)
  20. cs1984

    cs1984 New Member

    I'm at Rogers

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