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What Cell Phone Provider You're With?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Night Of GuardianS, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. CinnamonX

    CinnamonX New Member

    Been with Rogers for 7 years. Great plan.
  2. chuey603

    chuey603 Junior Member

    I'm with Fido right now, no contract ... simply because I can't commit to a contract and I am on a plan that offers me unlimited international texts (which I couldn't really find with anyone else). I hate how they advertise and plan, but then once you sign up for it, you have to add extra for Caller ID, VM etc. And then taxes! Arghhhhhh
  3. Skyviper

    Skyviper New Member

    I'm currently with Bell and my contract is about to expire. Anyone have any experience negotiating a Retention Plan with Bell? Luckily for me, my company has a corporate phone plan with Rogers that I can switch to in case Bell doesn't give me anything good :cool:
  4. brad49

    brad49 New Member

    Rogers is best. Been with them for 5 years.
  5. mrfollowfollow

    mrfollowfollow New Member

    i'm with telus, but its a business phone, so no bill for me....
  6. pting

    pting New Member

    I'm with Rogers. Their commercials are great :D They do fair plans for smartphone users. I would be nice if they could waive the Access Fee ;)
  7. SparklyGirl

    SparklyGirl New Member

  8. galnexdor

    galnexdor Junior Member

    Been with Telus Since 2006

    Rate Plan: EPP Talk
    200min talk time but I am in the office till 6pm so I never go over

    Included free services:
    Unlimited Text Msg
    SPARK Sampler
    Free Local Birthday calls
    Unlimited Evenings @ 6PM/Weekends
    Voice Mail 3
    Message Waiting Indicator
    Conference Calling
    Call Waiting
    Outbound Call Display On

    Total Bill after fees & taxes: $28.00
  9. Risiko

    Risiko New Member

    Telus. Sister's bf works for them. I get sweet deals :D
  10. seppel

    seppel New Member

    Bell. No problems with service.
  11. Y2KEN

    Y2KEN New Member

  12. jimmyche

    jimmyche Junior Member


    200 mins.
    Unlimited evening weekend @ 7
    Fido 2 Fido
    Call Display, Voicemail, 2500 sms

    6 GB DATA

    -$10 montly credit.

    = $45+tax
  13. willy.is.osum

    willy.is.osum New Member

  14. kikistrike

    kikistrike New Member

    Somewhat related - I'm curious to know who has best iPhone plan - roughly even data/phone pkg?
  15. vainglorious11

    vainglorious11 New Member

  16. kjc1223

    kjc1223 New Member

    I'm with Rogers.. used Telus before moving
    not much difference in services but better roaming charges
  17. lamoena

    lamoena New Member

    I have2000 minutes any time with fido for 45 dollars, and I only went over the 2000 minutes once , such an awesome plan!!
  18. lamoena

    lamoena New Member

    but if i did not have a contract I would probably switch to wind. Their plans look great and no contract or any thing
  19. camputer

    camputer New Member

    Rogers...better than Telus at least.
  20. hkbaba

    hkbaba New Member

    I am with Bell paying $35 per month. How's Winds reception?

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