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Techvibes Web Developer

Discussion in 'Job Listings (Automated)' started by Job Bot, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Job Bot

    Job Bot Robotic Member

    About the Job(s):

    We are looking for full stack, back-end and front-end web developers. Working in a fast-paced Agile web development environment, you will work with stakeholders and other development team members to implement new features in short customer-ready release cycles and internal tools and processes to assist in on-boarding new customers – we are growing quickly and need improvements to handle our increased load! These positions will begin contributing right away with work on our medium to long term projects of moving our application to one based on new and modern web technologies (HTML5/JS/CSS) including updates to our backend and API (Java/Spring).

    You will:

    • Work as part of a collaborative team of stakeholders to translate business needs into scalable, enterprise products – we mean we want you to jump right in with some heavy lifting and start writing code that ships!
    • Fully participate in InTouch’s agile development processes
    • Bring new ideas and solutions to the team as an active participant in sprint planning and other meetings
    • Ensure details of the specific changes to the system and the potential impacts of these changes are clear to QA Analyst team members and assist in determining test scope
    • Share team responsibility for testing and quality of all release products

    You're up to the challenge because you have:

    • At least 5 years of experience in our core technologies.
    • Software development experience using Java on the back-end of a SaaS web platform.
    • Experience with technologies such as application frameworks (e.g. Spring), ORMs, unit/integration testing, project management (Maven/Gradle), and software version control (e.g. Git).
    • Software development experience using HTML5/JS/CSS on the front-end. Experience with technologies such as web application frameworks (Angular/Backbone/Ember), package management, module dependencies, unit testing, AMD
    • The ability to build consensus with stakeholders, including excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to maintain a highly positive working relationship with other team members.
    • Strong analytical skills and problem solving skills.
    • Comfortable working under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
    • Experience with agile development practices is an asset.

    Preference will be given to individuals with:

    • Experience to our back-end technology stack - Linux, Java, Spring, myBatis, JUnit, Mockito, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, Eclipse, and Maven.
    • Experience with our front-end technology stack - HTML5/JS/CSS, Angular, JQuery, Responsive Web development, SPA, Web Storm, Grunt, Node, NPM, Bower.
    • Experience with our supporting tools - Atlassian Suite, Jenkins, Git/Github, Vagrant.
    • BSc in Computing Science or Computer Engineering or relevant experience.
    • Hands on experience on a team building a SaaS product.
    • Experience with the agile approach to software development.
    • Experience with integration and performance testing tools.
    • A good level of understanding working with Linux on a deployed environment.

    Requirements to apply:

    • Based in Vancouver
    • Citizen of Canada or Permanent Resident
    • You are seeking a full-time, permanent position

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