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Transit Jobs NOW!!! Coast Mountain Bus is HIRING!

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by Superchecker, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. twong91

    twong91 New Member

    Yup, go in and tell them you're there to take the Class 2 learners knowledge test. When you finish the test, let the person know to put the air brake endorsement as you will need it for training.

    You could take the test as much times as you need to, but you're only permitted to take it once a day.

    References are completed once you pass the test!
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  2. ConventionalMan

    ConventionalMan Full Member

    ^^^ What he said :up:
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  3. NiceGuy604

    NiceGuy604 Junior Member

    And now I'm a little confused. When picking up the Commercial learners book today the ICBC lady told me I would need to do the Air Brake endorsement test as well and that I needed to get 20/25 on it at the minimum. I would be required to write the learners test and then can write the air brake endorsement test (I need to pass both). I told her it was for my CMBC application too so a little stumped now. Is she correct and that's the process?
  4. ConventionalMan

    ConventionalMan Full Member

    No. Not unless it's changed (it hasn't). Only one test.

    She is not clear in what is required at the learner's stage. The endorsement just allows for a learner to operate an air brake equipped vehicle while training. She must think you want the air brake exam as well, which is 25 questions (of which 20 need to be answered correctly).

    Make it clear when you go back for your exam that it's the learner's licence endorsement and if they are still unclear, ask for the manager. Otherwise it creates a lot of headache and stress you don't need more of at this point!

    Here is how I know this:

    When I went to write my class 2 learner's test, I was told the same thing. New employee or unclear, I don't know, but somehow I was administered both tests. This should not have happened in the first place because they are supposed to confirm proper training before the exam is taken for air brake certification. I thought it was strange but then, I didn't know any better. I passed both tests, left happy and carried on with my training.

    It gets better.

    When it came to ICBC air exam day, we went to the ICBC office and told them we needed to write the exam. I was told that their records showed I already did it. This created a huge problem because it didn't show on my Class 2 temporary licence and I had no idea what they were talking about. I told them I had written 2 tests when I came for my learner's test and they were dumbfounded.

    Anyway, long story, less long, my instructor had to come back with me to the ICBC office, confirm all they told me, get a hard copy from ICBC TO PROVE I WROTE AND PASSED THE AIR BRAKE EXAM! Then on top of that, I had to go back to the training department and write ANOTHER exam that they administer to people who already have their air brake licence to prove that I actually knew what they just taught me. I passed that too and finally was okayed by the training department to carry on with my class. It was a mess.

    Sometimes it makes me wonder how much other stuff slips through the cracks at ICBC and then I see the type of drivers we have out there and it all makes sense! LOL:D
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  5. Kr6505

    Kr6505 Full Member

    ICBC screwed up with me too. I got my ICBC medical form and took it with me when I went for my medical exam. Raj emailed me a couple of days later and told me a was good and would contact me for the next step which was another ICBC abstract and driver summary which was about a month and half wait. So I requested it again and had it sent to Raj right away. He called me back and said my license was an hold, and asked if I knew what that was all about. I had no clue and in a panic I called Victoria and they told me it had something to do with my medical exam. They never received the form.Anyways, long story short I called Raj back and told him what happened. He said they will straighten it out and offered me the position. Talk about panic, right at the very end of a long process I thought I was screwed. It all worked out, but yeah ICBC makes a lot of mistakes.
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  6. NiceGuy604

    NiceGuy604 Junior Member

  7. NiceGuy604

    NiceGuy604 Junior Member

    Sorry, looks like my reply post above did not make it through.

    Nonetheless, I was just saying thank you very much ConventionalMan for the insight and information. It's very detailed and thorough and I will definitely follow your advice in the event that ICBC front line reps don't know what I'm wanting to do. Thank you once again!
  8. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    Now the city of Abbotsford also has a similar posting for a FT (Sanitation) Truck driver- Collections. Union wages and benefits; MUST already have at least a Class #3 with Air.

    www.civicinfo.bc.ca/careers or Google city of Abbotsford.
  9. Kr6505

    Kr6505 Full Member

    Hey guys! During my last run, my passenger doors wouldn't open. Luckily I didn't have any passengers. I was not aware there is an emergency lever at the top of the door ( I'm talking about the old GMC shuttle bus) I have never driven that kind before. The international, during training and the newer Chevy gas buses. I had no idea where all the controls were, trying to find the A/C for the passengers and being told there isn't any. There was no request stop indicator light either. But man, are they ever beasts going up steep hills!! Lol
  10. user

    user Full Member

    There should be an emergency door open lever for the Chevy buses too. Yeah, not having the A/C on the GMC buses isn't great for the passengers at all, especially now during the summertime. Even with the windows all open, it can get hot in the back!
  11. user

    user Full Member

    I've been seeing International shuttle buses (4XX series) on the Stanley Park Causeway and on Marine Drive in North Van over the past couple of weeks. Today, I saw it on Georgia Street with a "Training Vehicle" sign. Could this be for the Hamilton depot training? But it seemed odd that the bus would go over the Lions Gate Bridge... If the trainees were from the North Van depot, then they would have taken the Second Narrows though right?
  12. Janfeel

    Janfeel New Member

    Hey guys! yesterday i passed the pre trip and road test! It was a very stressful day and very emotional in the same time... when the examiner told me that i passed I cried like a baby hahahaha, i was just so happy!

    Unfortunately 4 people in my class of 11 did not make it but they will have a second chance on Monday .... your classmates become part of this incredible experience and it would be very sad to see them go :( i really hope they will make it on Monday!

    Next week i will be driving a trolley, so excited to learn more about it!!! :)

    Thanks for all your support during this period, especially to ConventionalMan and Superchecker
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  13. Gc13

    Gc13 Junior Member

    Oh no that's a lot who failed their first go. I'll tell ya looking back I was sooo overwhelmed for the road test, if I didn't pass on my first go it would have felt so much worst going into the second try
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  14. Janfeel

    Janfeel New Member

    me too man! i would have felt so so bad... thanks god i passed on my first go ! and yeah 4 is a lot :(
  15. NiceGuy604

    NiceGuy604 Junior Member

    Can you let us know what the pre-trip and road test entails? Especially with 4 people not making it through the first time I was wondering if there is something people can do to better prepare for it if they still have to start the training? Is it a big diesel bus and the pre-trip inspection is what they teach you as the training begins? Thanks.
  16. Janfeel

    Janfeel New Member

    Well, just do your homework every day and pay attention during class time. There is a video about the Pre-Trip inspection on the employee's TransLink website (they will give access to it a few days before the training), try to watch it once per day, it's VERY important that you do a good pre-trip. Regarding the road test, follow the rules of the road and do not speed but in the same time do not go too slow either (watch for the speed limit signs). Try not be nervous, i was though haha...everyone was. But try your best to be focus on what you are doing, take deep breaths and everything will be fine.
    I hope this helps.
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  17. ConventionalMan

    ConventionalMan Full Member

    That is awesome! It's a good feeling right? Although it's too bad about the 4, they still have a chance to do it again. No problem!

    And I'm glad we were able to help in any small way, but you deserve the credit for getting yourself through! Cheers! It's all smooth sailing now, the pressure is off. Now it's all about mastering driving the buses. The next few weeks are much better.

    Have fun in trolley land!

    For most people, it's not a lack of preparation or training, but simply nerves. They get stuck overthinking everything and panic. Usually they forget the simple stuff because of stress. Deep breaths. It will be fine. There is no doubt that it can be a nerve-rattling experience, but just remember to do as you're taught and it starts to happen naturally.

    Oh, and at this point, EVERYTHING is done on a 40 (or 60) foot bus!
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  18. Janfeel

    Janfeel New Member

    Hi ConventionaMan, thanks for completing the question for NiceGuy604. As you correctly said, for most people it's not because they don't know but simply because they get too nervous. So I hope for my classmates they will make it tomorrow!!

    Yes the feeling is amazing, can't contain my happiness...i am feeling so good! And i am very curios about driving a trolley tomorrow, i have been looking over my head in the two days to better understand how the switches work... It looked a little complicated in some intersections but i should be able to figure it out at one point!

    Thanks again guys
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  19. Kr6505

    Kr6505 Full Member

    My understanding is there are no shuttles at the NV depot. They come out of OTC and the go over the second narrows to PHIBBS EXchange. They gave me that route a couple of weeks ago but I had to call in sick that day. It was all the east side of North Van, Capilano, deep cove, that way. So that's weird you saw them there.
  20. ConventionalMan

    ConventionalMan Full Member

    Missed the original first post but it is indeed route training, just not for HTC. It is for any operator (new or existing) working out of the Burnaby depot in September that has never done any North Van work. Of course, as North Van transit centre is closing, all that work is being shifted to Burnaby. The 240, 246, N24 will all have coverage by BTC operators.

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