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Transit Jobs NOW!!! Coast Mountain Bus is HIRING!

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by Superchecker, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Gc13

    Gc13 Junior Member

    My understanding:

    You still have to satisfy cmbcs class two requirements meaning you have to pass the pre trip/driving test just the same as a class 5. You take the air brake course but I don't think you do the air brake exam.

    Hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong on anything.

    Did you're medical come in?
  2. MunchMunch

    MunchMunch Junior Member

    Still need to pass CMBC's test , which include Air brakes and everything else. Just like everyone else.

    CMBC's course is much more intensive then ICBC. Which I believe they only require 16 hours of schooling before taking class 1.

    CMBC over 1 week.
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  3. Vancouver747

    Vancouver747 New Member

    No I haven't heard anything yet....I spoke to a few who went through the training and some received a call or email within 48 hours, and a couple of them said they received a call or email within 10 days....go figure!
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  4. Vancouver747

    Vancouver747 New Member

    16 hours is what air brake class consisted of but class 1 training hours depends on school and what type of driving you're planning to do.

    Good to know that CMBC has their own test for those who all ready have class 1 and air brakes.

    Thanks for the info!
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  5. ConventionalMan

    ConventionalMan Full Member

    Yes it's true. I had mentioned my story before but in a nutshell... somehow when I went for my Class 2 learning permit with air endorsement, I was administered the full air brake test at the same time (confused Drivers Services employee??) Having studied much of the material in the ICBC Commercial guide, I passed it. Technically, I had my air brake licence without having one single second of formal "air brake training"

    Consequently, I had to take an additional test administered by CMBC that no one else in my class had to do. This was due to there being more specific-to-CMBC training standards and questions that need to be knowledge checked. I can't remember how many questions exactly (35 rings a bell) but it was very easy to score 100% after going through the training.
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  6. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    Happy April Gang! April is the start of the budget year, and we usually get a small raise every April 1, BUT our union(s) are still negotiating the latest contract. Haven't heard much but the drivers union: Unifor 111, and the skilled trades union: Unifor 2200; do post on their Facebook pages and websites from time to time. Most contracts run 3 to 4 years, and we do have to vote on each one.

    Just a reminder of nearly 60 active job postings up now; at TransLink; Coast Mountain Bus; SkyTrain/BCRTC and Canada Line.

    Apply for everything and anything to get your foot in the door. I started out as a temp way back in the late 80's and am still here!!
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  7. GuyinNorthVan

    GuyinNorthVan Junior Member


    Updates: I am improving the trolleys driving...not easy for me. On Wednesday we start revenue and in class paddles and a lot of stuff.
    3 more weeks to go until I will be on my own.... SCARY not knowing the paddle well in advance.:(
    I will sign up to start at the North Van depot right after graduation....wish me luck.
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  8. ConventionalMan

    ConventionalMan Full Member

    Luck! :p

    Don't worry about the paddles... by the end of the class you'll be very familiar with and know exactly how to decipher them! It's really very simple.
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  9. ConventionalMan

    ConventionalMan Full Member

    I read this again this morning and I wonder if you meant knowing the paddle as in knowing the routes in advance... I have a trick that works great when learning and driving routes I've never driven before. I can post here or message me and I'll be happy to help!
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  10. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    Noticed more than a few TRAINING Buses out there this morning; even one from West Vancouver!

    Had a delivery van break my drivers side mirror this morning, and he didn't stop! Paper work!

    Transit Security were checking Compass cards this morning in my #480 too.

    Looking forward to new shifts/routes next week! It's been a long 3 1/2 month sheet. Sleeping in another 40 minutes!!
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  11. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    And, approx 2 weeks later the posting is now gone from the website. Many other opportunities still posted.
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  12. GuyinNorthVan

    GuyinNorthVan Junior Member

    I am studying the Spareboard.... Not a clue :S
  13. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    It's all seniority based, and "finish time" based.

    You can pick a shift (up until 3pm the day before) OR be assigned a shift based on your seniority. You can always pick any finish time later than what you rate. Anyone more senior to you can pick a finish time later than what you rate causing you to move into earlier finishes. Don't stress it too much.

    If any operator is off from work more than a week, their work is available to go On Notice. meaning anyone on the spareboard can bid to do that work, until either the operator comes back, has scheduled holidays, or til the end of the sheet. Way back when I started there was an operator off for a year with a new baby. I took her work on notice for a month and a bit. It was like a 5 hour price on a #19 (Kingsway); a 3 hour break and then an afternoon tripper from downtown out to the suburbs. Roughly a 7am start, and a 6pm finish, with a big break early in the afternoon. Suited my needs at the time.

    It used to be that new drivers often rated dinner time finishes on weekdays and quite late on weekends. Remember you MUST have 8 hours rest between one days finish time and next days start time. So, if you finish at 3am Friday night you can not start before 11am on Saturday.

    If interested: Overtime is available to spareboard Ops first.
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  14. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    Got your First Aid certificate? SkyTrain (BTRTC) is in need of 7 more PTR SKYTRAIN ATTENDANTS! $31.30 an hour after training!

    Might line up perfectly for full time once Evergreen line goes live next year too!

    www.translink.ca/careers/ and THEN "BCRTC"!
  15. GuyinNorthVan

    GuyinNorthVan Junior Member

    Today was my first revenue day. My first passengers were 4 old Japanese ladies on Broadway and Fir. It was fun!...and I'm doing pretty well with trolleys.
    Graduation day is approaching...April 26. :D
  16. Kr6505

    Kr6505 Full Member

    Still no word on when my training classes will begin. It's been three weeks now so I'm beginning to worry.
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  17. user

    user Full Member

    I would like to know more about what trick you use. Could you message me?
  18. Gc13

    Gc13 Junior Member

    I heard a shuttle class starts mid April and they only have them about once a month.
  19. Kr6505

    Kr6505 Full Member

    Ok... Thank you
  20. Superchecker

    Superchecker Active Member

    Had 3 Ops on my bus today that have volunteered to switch to Richmond depot til Labour day. They were riding a series of Richmond routes for route training.
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