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Sports, Fitness & Outdoor Living touch football -is it legit

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ddA, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Dion

    Dion Guest

    So I answered an ad by Ty (Tyrone) Martin and didn't know what I was getting into until that first game.
    He wanted money up front $64 ??? weird amount , but I said I would get it after the game. Well......im glad I didn't, this guy went off on the "wind blowing papers around" and swearing in front of kids. After I left and tried to tell him I wasn't interested , he has been harassing me about the $7 I owe him for playing one game...didn't even have enough players for one game LOL . He sent me emails from "Paul" and his brothers , threatening me , texts how im gonna "lose my job" . Now , even after the police have been involved (as Ty told me to do because he has nothing to lose) , he harassing me on Craigslist putting up my picture and telling people to come to my house for anti muslim rallys. The newest one is that I stole bats and gloves from his team....lol . I throw left , not many people do so y would I steal gloves. I don't know why he isn't stopped. If I don't get the answers from the police it might be time to take matters into my own hands. He even told me to e transfer the $7 to Dianne Dennis , his girlfriend , but when I told her about his stupid behavior she just said I had the wrong guy and not to bother her. Why not , he's bothering me. He plays at the Trout Lake Ball Diamond at 14th and Semlin or at Clark Park on Sundays till the end of June if you want to pay him a visit....even though he doesn't have park permits. And yes , every comment that is "positive" about him ...is just HIM.
  2. ATTENTION DION BELLAY - sorry to hear your encounter with that gutless LIAR whack job and scumbag scam artist and thief TY MARTIN of VANCOUVER CO-ED SLO-PITCH SOFTBALL .... That his just one of his many aliases. His real name is TYRONE MARTIN POLANSKI and he has been running his fake softball and football leagues (no city permit and usually no games) for a few years. He also runs fake acting workshops and is passing himself off also as a famous international singer with number one hits in Sweden and Norway. He has been banned from all the gay clubs in Vancouver for selling fake drugs and there are way more scams we can mention. He has not had a real job in many years and is milking the government for mental disability. Just a lazy drug addict and drunk and vicious thief. Just so you know Dion..he is attacking you in the internet using many fake profiles (check his VANCOUVER ACTING JOBS & COURSES Facebook page to see the horrible comments and accusations he is doing to you.) He even created a fake Facebook profile using your name and stole your pictures. He is also doing ads using your name and picture on Craigs list making it look like you are looking for gay encounters. This is the type of sick and evil person he is. This should serve as a good warning for anyone to play it safe and have nothing to do with that sick in the head cowardly life loser and whack job TY MARTIN of Vancouver and his Vancouver slopitch softball "league". He is a horrible and mentally sick and evil man! Please everyone do not take the risk and play it safe and avoid TY MARTIN aka TYRONE MARTIN POLANSKI who also claims to be an award winning film maker. He uses the internet to destroy anyone who gets in his way. TY MARTIN lives in North Vancouver but has been stealing from people all over the lower mainalnd with his partner in crime and girlfriend Dianne Dennis for many years. Let's not even get into why he is banned from entering the U.S, after a conviction a dozen years ago for child luring. TY MARTIN is a terrible individual really he is.
  3. Avoid, avoid, avoid having anything to do with TYRONE MARTIN POLANSKI's sports league Coed Flag football or Coed slo-pitch softball.

    Don't become a victim of him and his wife, Dianne Dennis, who is his partner in crime.

    These are not real leagues. He does not pay the city to use the fields or diamonds. There are no refs. There is no insurance. The only thing that is real is the No Refund policy. Most times there are not enough players to have a proper game.

    His idea of a end of the season banquet is to show up at some pub and have you pay for everything.

    He is a complete fraud. Pretends to be a successful actor and singe, but his real career is a social assistance basket case, casual dog walker and stealer of peoples' money who sign up for his fake leagues.

    And anyone who dares cross him winds up being attacked and libeled by him via the internet. He's very well know to police for cyber attacks and ripping people off.

    There is a reason why they are constantly advertising for new players. No one ever comes back.
  4. How did it go with the police? I can't believe people are still falling for this crap. Does anybody not do their research? Read my post from earlier and check out the million other leagues out there. This is not a league, its a scam.
  5. Ace

    Ace Guest

  6. warning warning warning to public this scam artist little thief is now passing himself off as Tyrone Stephen Martin Polanski and he is still ripping people off he now has a fake enterprise he calls URBAN REC "Flag Football" Team he allegedly plays in Vancouver , no city permits and no games or refunds. please stay away from this crook
  7. Mikey

    Mikey Junior Member

    I can't believe this piece of shit still posts in Craigslist. He must have a lot of scummy people in his league.
  8. MagicWandHib

    MagicWandHib Guest

    It is a pity, that now I can not express - it is compelled to leave. But I will return - I will necessarily write that I think.
  9. BetterThan

    BetterThan Guest

    Stay away from Tyrone Martin Polansi, aka TyPo, these days he's running a fake softball league, posting every other day on craigslist. Has no web site, no park permits, no insurance, no skills, no balls. Worse, under the pandemic he's a public health risk. Not surprising, he's a TrumpCuck who wears MAGA gear, so he probably things COVID is BS. Anyway, if you have any self regard, stay away from TyPo and his schemes.

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