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Sports, Fitness & Outdoor Living touch football -is it legit

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ddA, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. ddA

    ddA Guest

    anyone played touch football with this group

    they charge 7 for drop in and 85 per person to join. is it legit. why so much when the field to play in is for free.
    i dont get it. jsut a money grab
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

  3. Ace

    Ace Guest

    OMG, DON"T join this guys league. The guy who runs this league is a scam artist. He also tries to do other sports, like softball, soccer, etc, but he's been banned by several organizations, like Softball City, City Wide Sports etc. Just go to the City Wide Sports website and call the owners and ask them about this guy, named Tyrone. They will warm you about a lot of his bad habits.

    I won't get into it, but me and some friends have had a history with this guy over 5 years ago, but he's in a lot of trouble. I doubt the Park'sboard or various sports league will let him do this for very long as his name has been plastered all over the place as of late.

    Still charging drop in fees? Ya, that's him all right too.

    If you want to play softball, join City Wide Sports or a beer league, those are cheaper and more enjoyable. If you want to play football, join Touch Football BC. It's a reputable league and you get a lot of games for what you pay for. It's a good league and I actually work with one of the organizers and he works very hard on his own time to maintain this league.


  4. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

  5. Karen McCoy

    Karen McCoy Guest

    I've known Tyrone for 15 years and he is one of the most HONEST people I have ever met! People who COMPLAIN about PAYING are usually SCUM who are on WELFARE or are just CHEAP! Tyrone supplies all the EQUIPMENT, hires REFEREES and provides JERSEYS and T-SHIRTS to all the Players. At the end of the season he hosts a BANQUET and gives out HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of dollars in TROPHIES, FOOD, DRINKS and PRIZES! People who WHINE and BACKSTAB him on the Internet are just COWARDS who he most likely has KICKED OUT of one of his Leagues!
  6. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

  7. Henry

    Henry Junior Member


    EDBAINES New Member

    Ty is a cool guy who wouldn't know how to rip someone off. This goof named Ace running him down sounds like a creep we kicked out of the league 7 years ago for trying to steal someones wallet on the sidelines.
  9. EmilyMoncton

    EmilyMoncton Guest

    Tyrone is a 100% SCAM ARTIST. Ask anyone who has paid to play in one of his leagues. Completely disorganized and chaotic. When anybody asks for a refund even before playing a single game he refuses. And to be honest as a girl, he is a creepy dude. He asks you innapropriate personal questions and stares at your you know whats.
  10. The above posting is total bullshit. I have played in Tyrone's leagues and he is a total gentleman.

    The creep that is pretending to be a woman is a convicted pedophile named Michael Pastoric also known as Mitch and Mickey Valentino.

    Keep your distance from this freak!
  11. Ty is a cool guy. Some well known child molester is defaming him!
  12. Your mom

    Your mom Guest

    This guy is a creepy weirdo had co ed teams but it's not won't stop texting and Facebook messaging my friend stay away from him
  13. jack jack

    jack jack Guest

    Ty is chaotic, disorganized and does bum beer off anyone with every opportunity. he is difficult to be around and throws fits for tthe smallest thing. DO NOT JOIN HIS LEAGUE.
  14. Kim Thomas

    Kim Thomas Guest

    I played on Ty's baseball team. He is a fucking weirdo and creepy as hell. We all quit his team because he is so disorganized. Bums beers off of everybody. Thats what he is. A bum. Stay away from his leagues. Someone posted him on the dirty for a reason. Hes dirty.
  15. Tyrone is a cool guy in my books. Generous and very well organized. Good looking too if I may add.
  16. Bree

    Bree Guest

    Tyrone rocks my boat! Sexy devil who a lot of guys are jealous of.
  17. Socal123

    Socal123 Guest

    The last two comments were obviousely made by Tyrone. This guy is sick in the head. His sports leagues are a joke. Him and his fat ugly wife do bum beers off people. Stay away from his leagues. Utter disgrace of a human.
  18. Gary Eccles

    Gary Eccles Guest

    The attacks on Tyrone claiming to be Kim Thomas and everybody else on here are being done by a Convicted PEDOPHILE named MICHAEL PASTORIC who was KICKED OUT of Tyrone's Softball league for MOLESTING a LITTLE BOY at Trout Lake! Mitch's UGLY Ex-Girlfriend DEE VELTRI was caught giving BLOWJOBS in the Bathroom too during Games! Tyrone runs a GREAT League and gives out TONS of TROPHIES at the end of every Season!
  19. If you have not figured out by now who is telling the truth and who is lying than join his league it won't take you long to figure it out. FYI he live in Vancouver suit 310-125 east 5th street north Vancouver. His partner Dianne is now trying to front the sports. Beware.
  20. From reading these posts it it obvious to anyone with half a brain to see that this is just a smear campaign attacking a league organizer. I googled this Tyrone fellow and the results were more than positive. He is an established singer and actor who I doubt runs recreational sports leagues to rip anyone off. Why would he need to? The internet is a safe haven for anonymous and lying rants against anyone.

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