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The Ministry for Children and Family developement can expect a class action!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lisa Arlin, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. Lisa Arlin

    Lisa Arlin Junior Member

    The fact of the matter is the Ministry for Children and Family development are
    removing children for profit not thier protection. A child is removed by force sometime involving RCMP and parents are powerless, they are not even told what the child protection concerns were. Children are snanched from their parents, placed in the homes of strangers and are being torchered in foster care and some children have died for social workers mistakes. For many parents the child protection concerns were just spiteful and when they are false you may have to fight in court for four years in order to get your child back. Some parents never do get thier children back because for the most part it is a system that says they abused thier children and works against them! There have been many protests but parents have been told if they speak out they will never see their children again. That is the Ministry of no accountability, and they will cobtinue to black mail haras anoy stalk threaten and intimidate parents all they want and because the child protection policy protects them from liabilty. Patents decided to take back thier power from these jetks and are telling them get your claws off our kids! The Ministry for children and Family development justice is coming, and you can expect this class action and you can ecpect us from the Surrey BC lower mainland!
    We will have our voices heard just like the aborigional residental schools we too willl have justice!!

    To join please contact mcfd unjustfied on face book
    or Lisa Arlin!!
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  2. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... great post, Lisa! thank you for taking the time to write it! :)

    ... what all these illegal detentions of people amount to are outright criminal kidnappings. i have a friend here in powell river whose grown son has twice been taken into custody by the crown without any justification. i intend to write a detailed account of that and other criminal activity being committed by the government in powell river on my website (link below for registered users of this forum) in the near future ...

    ... thanks again for your contribution!
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  3. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Did you write this?
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  4. the mechanic

    the mechanic Active Member

    ... Lisa, what action can regular people take to support your cause and combat the ministry?
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  5. Lisa Arlin

    Lisa Arlin Junior Member

    I appreciate your feed back and want to know if you would include this class action on your web page
    I amnthe main orginizer and working with over 50 parents collecting statement from parents and then putting them to affidavit form to present to a lawer. I think you might find my facebook page resorceful Lisa Arlin or mcfd unjustified lookijg forward to hearing from you again!
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  6. Lisa Arlin

    Lisa Arlin Junior Member

    Regular people from Surrey BC lowermainland can get involved and
    Raise awareness, oginize a protest because to many children are dying at the hands of the Ministry for children and family developement!
    Parents need to subemit their statment and join this class action!
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