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The Fair @ PNE - ticket discounts, coupons & Group Sales Promotional Codes 2010

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by milquetoast, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. homersexual

    homersexual New Member

    looks like i missed the boat on this one too. :(
  2. joshakagekko

    joshakagekko New Member

    ooh thanks =)
    i'll have to try that.
  3. joshakagekko

    joshakagekko New Member

    oh, looks like the code doesn't work for other people. no one else has another code eh?
  4. lynsing

    lynsing New Member

    Codes were easy to come by. Used one several years. I guess they have smartened up about us bargain hunters. If you have one, would love it. Pricey to go to PNE and rides together.
  5. michkan

    michkan New Member

    its so expensive nowadays to go to pne and sigh..
  6. waaliu

    waaliu New Member

    Darn...and I was hoping I'd be able to get the deal to go today. Oh well...
  7. shell_on_an_isl

    shell_on_an_isl New Member

    Heading over tomorrow, should be a blast....can't believe the price increases though :(

    Anyone know what shows are playing tomorrow night?
  8. hitmanjat

    hitmanjat New Member

    Can someone please send me the code, the one listed is now invalid.

    Thank you!
  9. lelezz

    lelezz New Member

    Hi, we are interested in the PNE coupon too.
  10. ajonats

    ajonats New Member

  11. JohnECanuck

    JohnECanuck New Member

    Yes, would appreciate highest discount code for PNE.

    It appears the PNE has removed that code now.
  12. sentfrumabove

    sentfrumabove New Member

    can someone please share a code? :)
  13. working mom

    working mom New Member

    Any chance of getting the group code e-mailed? I had one at work but left it there and can't access my office e-mail. Wanted to go tomorrow.
  14. jerjer

    jerjer New Member

    Thanks alot for the code!!!
  15. Missjill

    Missjill New Member

    I'm looking for pne discounts so I can afford to take my kids...thanks to anyone who is willing to help ;)
  16. Nos

    Nos New Member


    Pleae email me the promo code ..

  17. Joshua Mason

    Joshua Mason New Member

    I would also like the promo code emailed to me.

    Thank you so much.
  18. t4ch

    t4ch New Member

    sorry, could you please email the code to me as well please?
    Thanks, much appreciated!
  19. SUNG527

    SUNG527 New Member


    Pleae email me the promo code ..

  20. FEL

    FEL New Member

    Can someone email me the code?

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