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The Fair @ PNE - ticket discounts, coupons & Group Sales Promotional Codes 2010

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by milquetoast, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    The promo codes are the same as the ones in the Playland thread.

    [hide]73ohomag (thanks to danth!)[/hide]

    Enter the promo code where it say "Enter your Group Sales Promotional Code below to purchase your discounted Fair at the PNE tickets.
    FAIR TICKETS ARE ONLY VALID DURING THE FAIR AT THE PNE (AUG 21-SEPT 6, 2010)." the following page:


    I am keeping this hidden to guests in order to keep the code active as long as possible. Likewise if you have your own promo code that you would like to share, please use the hide tag feature like so:

    [hide]Coupon Code[/hide]
  2. PuRePLaYaZ

    PuRePLaYaZ New Member

    gonna give it a shot and thanks for sharing
  3. alien

    alien New Member

    looking for discounts to go to PNE
  4. edy

    edy New Member

    i've read that you can get free admission if you are a hpi cardholder
  5. edy

    edy New Member

    hpi = horseplayer interactive
  6. miss_saraa

    miss_saraa New Member

    is it just me or has the prices for PNE gone up alot compared to like 2 years ago? Maybe I haven't gone for a while... :p
  7. ndsouza6

    ndsouza6 New Member

    The Fair is fun! Definately check it out
  8. brianch

    brianch New Member

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to visiting this weekend.
  9. lindy

    lindy Guest

    go to pne every year but find it's the same old thing, may skip it this time
  10. FEL

    FEL New Member

    I might go this year, since I haven't been there for years. Some things have changed, like the prices. Its been going up. So expensive now.
  11. duncande

    duncande New Member

    Anyone have a group code for 2010?
  12. duncande

    duncande New Member

    Also want to know if anyone knows about the PNE parade tonite and what time it starts?
  13. candyhl

    candyhl New Member

    Anyone know how to get an HPI card?

    I remember last year I read a post that it isn't giving out HPI card during the PNE Fair. Anyone know if it is the same this year?

    Thank You.
  14. jnnkn

    jnnkn New Member

  15. mrvanity

    mrvanity New Member

  16. dawu

    dawu New Member

    thanks for sharing
  17. gerudoking

    gerudoking New Member

  18. gnatvancouver

    gnatvancouver New Member

    Prices may have gone up, but nothing beats the PNE!
  19. robot

    robot New Member

    Thanks for the code! Ticket prices are way up too, too much for our family to go at regular rates...
  20. swallow_046

    swallow_046 New Member

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