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The decline of Boxing Day continues

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by milquetoast, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    I remember the days of waking up early lining up and even queuing online hitting F5. Remember A&B Sound?

    Maybe I'm just getting older and priorities change but it seems like there's nothing worth buying. There are certainly deals to be had but at best they're on par with sales during the rest of the year.

    I think with better inventory management, Boxing Day has become obsolete. The days of clearing out old stock at ridiculous prices is over.
  2. Henry

    Henry Junior Member

    Companies are just taking advantage of consumers. I remember when there was a crazy hype for boxing day deals and now it has turned into boxing week and many deals are available online. Companies use door crasher deals as advertisements, but many only have ~20 in stock for the first few people who lined up overnight. I've heard that bigger companies that have both stores in US and Canada bring old unsold stock over from the states and have them sold to Canadians at a price that maximizes their profits. Most deals I see are only 20-30% off, very similar to year round sales. IMHO it's not worth waking up at 6 am unless you're saving $300+. I picked up a new TV online from FS for $50 :)
  3. Bill

    Bill Full Member

    Sure is decline.. used to buy 20-30 under $5 box office DVDs during boxing day..

    This year, I bought only 8 under $5 box office DVDs as stores either keep putting out DVDs that were sold previous years or just simply crappy movies...

    Those 8 under-$5 box office DVDs are:

    Zero Dark Thirty
    Cloud Atlas
    American Hustle
    Django Unchained

    Bought these 8 under $5 DVDs from Target, Best Buy/Future Shop and Real Canadian Superstore. Used to buy from Walmart previous years but recently Walmart's selection has declined as well..

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