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The Best Interview Ever Made About China & The Future Of The World

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by maple leaf, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. maple leaf

    maple leaf Full Member

  2. maple leaf

    maple leaf Full Member

    what is impressive is one of the comments under this video by a wester:

    to the chinese people.

    do not let the west trick you into believing that democracy is the key to success. the west never did that. their social economic success was achieved a few hundred years ago through establishing colonies and enslaving the rest of the world while under a monarchy. only then they applied democracy and rule of law into their political systems.

    china is in a mess. but it is not the most corrupt country in the world. look at the transparency index. some democratic governments are far more corrupt. the truth is it has nothing to do with the form of government be it democracy or single party. your leaders are only as good as u. start the change from yourself because your generation will inherit this nation of yours..

    the only reason the west fears u is your economic might, not because you are red china. the west has been far closer friends with dictators and despots around the world. they love dictators because they are predictable and will do anything for money. the problem is china is u r too good in saying no because u don't need their money. they need your money.

    so the next best thing to do is to cause chaos and disruptions by introducing democracy. you have been demonized for decades because u managed to unite as a nation. the west loved chiang kai shek's kuomintang because he failed to unite this nation of yours. the west have no right to say anything about your human rights abuses because they practiced genocides all through their histories. look at the state of the african nations, the american indians, the south american indians, the australian aborigines, the armenians, the list goes on.

    the west will tell you they have made some mistakes and u should not do as they did. china is not repeating their mistakes. china is developing in a way unique to. and if the west is so serious about their mistakes how about saying sorry? how about returning all the treasures in their museums that they looted from the rest of the world? how bout repaying the money(with interest) and wealth they took by enslaving nations after nations? they will never do this.

    their task at hand is to sit at their moral, economic and military high ground while making sure none of the asians, africans, and south american nations gets up high enough to compete with them. unfortunately china is doing just that. hence u see the american's pivot to asia and the grand plan to starve china off the resources she needs by sea power.
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  3. maple leaf

    maple leaf Full Member

    New York Time Square

  4. maple leaf

    maple leaf Full Member

  5. maple leaf

    maple leaf Full Member

  6. maple leaf

    maple leaf Full Member

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