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Strange Coincidence

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by igor, Jul 6, 2020.

  1. igor

    igor Junior Member

    At the beginning of Spring, I see pest control trucks lurking in residential areas, and after this I see lots of ants in My Property, could it be that somebody is making a living the wrong way?? My house has sustained damage in the driveway, retention Wall and stairs, all My efforts to erradicate this pest with the best methods at the beginning seem to work and when I think I won, another Pest Control Truck passes by and... more ants.
  2. Emiliano

    Emiliano Guest

    I have a file number against Orkin pest control, I saw a guy of this pest control company entering My property, and without knocking at the door he continued to go around my property and I caught it in the back porch, he was pulling something from his pouch, i confronted this guy and chase him out of my property. i called the RCMP, they came very fast and the officer was very understanding and she said that was illegal to enter a private property like this guy did. so she calls to ORKIN and made them know that i can press charges for trespassing, after this incident i started to see lots of spiders and ants around my property. so if we need to fight pests, then we have to get rid of the pest who plant the pest.

    I am exploring the possibility to make a class action against this guys because huge damage has been caused by the pest planted by the pest.

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