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sterile processing jobs /sterile supply /SPD.worst jobs

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by batot, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. siopaozz

    siopaozz Guest

    Yikes, what's going on in this thread? Currently in spring 2016 batch and just wanna put in my two cents.

    The theory instructor at VCC, in my opinion, has been reasonable with his expectations for the most part. I do agree, however, that he should ask the class if we need anything clarified before writing our quizzes and exams. The modules aren't perfect and he knows that there are errors and typos. Even if it spoils the answer for one particular question, I don't see any harm being done. Aside from that, I feel he's handled the theory portion of the program quite fairly. I mean, you get whatever you put into the program. Like someone has already mentioned, he can't spoon feed us everything. I honestly haven't been able to read the modules nearly as often as I should, too busy with work on the weekends... but being attentive in class certainly helps.

    Btw, clinical at VGH has been good. The clinical instructor has been helpful and generous with the amount of chances she gives her students to prove themselves. She's provided us with spreadsheets that simplify all the steps in decontam workflow as well as sterilizer cycles and parameters. The pop-quizzes and surprise assignments aren't too bad either. Not sure what else you can ask for?

    Anyways, less than a month to go. If any of my classmates are reading, good luck with your studies! I'm sure we'll all do fine.

  2. Kev scott

    Kev scott Guest

    How's it going kevin
  3. stud

    stud Guest

    So far no review for Kevin Scott yet...
    Vancouver Community College

    Kevin Scott, Instructor, Vancouver Community College
  4. kinda

    kinda Junior Member

    The so-called teacher Kevin Scott is a blot on the teaching profession.
  5. Pete The Flash

    Pete The Flash New Member

    Hi Jackie, I recently moved back to Vancouver after almost two years of working as a MDRT in three cities in Alberta. After practicum at FMC, I got hired and worked there for a few months before a permanent position at the Red Deer Regional Hospital (RDRH) was available. To this day I still don't know how I managed to survive through the insanity of RDRH for over a year. FMC and RDRH are day and night apart! After new year I got a transfer to Edmonton at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, the busiest hospital in Alberta. Now that I am back in Lotus Land, I have to start from ground zero again. The MDR-job landscape here seems stale in comparison to Alberta.

  6. KatGar

    KatGar New Member

    Hi fritz can I contact you too coz I'm interested in this course.. Thanks
  7. Mhiethaay12

    Mhiethaay12 Guest

    Hi, I just want to ask what school did you get your SPD? Thankd

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