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sterile processing jobs /sterile supply /SPD.worst jobs

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by batot, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. kinda

    kinda Junior Member

    have yu go the job
  2. Mary Ann

    Mary Ann Guest

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It is true racial discrimination exist and it won't stop, if you are born black you can never be white unless you got yourself mix then you might produce brown. We cannot be exactly the same that is why we tend to see our differences which is okay as long as we are all WELL-MANNERED individuals. Let us not be too sensitive with the " wow look or wow stare", if you are wearing Turban for example, I would look at you, look a little bit at your head, stare away then would look again for a bit, then look away again, then I might say hi the next time. Dont get mad or confused because we dont see that back home. It will appear interesting because the truth is it is new to me. You would look at the flower on my head for sure If I wear it everyday.. Im sure of that because in your country nobody wears flower on their heads right? It will be new to you as well correct? But, if you start picking on me because of the flower on my head then that is trouble, or if I ask if there is a snake inside your Turban then it will be a war right? So, these differences depend on how we see them, how to react or not act at all to them. As long as we keep the boundary, we acknowledge differences, we respect each other like GROWN UPS with manners taught well by our parents, then we have a very colorful world right? Of course...bad apples exist, what else can you do with the rotten ones? just throw them to proper authorities specially in workplace. And please, why would we call Sterile Supply/ Medical Device Reprocessing jobs low class?it is high standard sterilization people, you would not want any body to die from contamination right? This job is vital for patients' survival in clinics and hospitals. Cheer it up! It is so important and high class in all sense. Usually, people that are racist are not nice. These are bitter people no matter what their color is, you can never compare them with black, white, red, or yellow people because the truth is they do not have identity of their own. Their own color is called INSECURITY. It lives inside people that are not happy :)
  3. Jackie

    Jackie Guest

    Old thread but i ran across it tonight and thought I would let people know what my experiences as a MDRD Tech have been. First off I started my career in Brandon, Mb back when you didn't need to be certified. Within three months of working in the MDRD dept I took the course knowing this was something I would enjoy. I worked in Brandon for 4 years, before accepting a position at the UofA in Edmonton, same thing enjoyed the multicultural environment. Made great friends had a wonderful experience. Coming from a small center to a huge Trauma hospital was quite the shock. I left UofA simply cause I relocated to Red deer, AB where my skills and knowledge really came into play. I was hired in the operating room as a tech to circulate in and out of the theatre's, loved my job there. Worked there for 12 years, before my gypsie blood had me looking for more adventure. I then got hired at FMC (Foothills Medical) where I still work as a MDRD Tech in the operating room. The best facility hands down, the nursing staff, surgeons, OR Tech's rely heavily on our skills and knowledge when it come's to new instrumentation, organizing the instruments for each procedure, opening in the rooms, turn around instruments. I once again had a brain storm and accepted a position in Kelowna, worst mistake of my life. Not only did staff treat you like you were second class citizens even the MDRD staff didn't respect each other. Wage was the worst in BC, no evening or night premiums. I lasted 3 months before I had enough working in one of the worst facilities ever. I'm back at FMC in the operating room and thank my lucky stars I got my position back. FYI our wages are fair and our even and night premiums rage from 4-5 extra an hour. Moral of the story depends where you are which facility.
  4. Anonymouspd

    Anonymouspd Guest

    I've worked in 3 or 4 SPD departments, in 2 different provinces, they are generally all the same work wise, and generally all have a few bad apples...survival is a lot easier of you are a male...considering the high number of females in positions ...thick skin is great as the poop always rolls downhill in healthcare...be thankful you aren't housekeeping...and at an average of 21 n hour it's good money...I once hung drywall for 11 and hour while a 300 lb man called me retarded and swore at me...SPD is peanuts in comparison
  5. melissa

    melissa New Member

    Hi there,

    I am starting this course in September at VCC. Does anyone have any experiences with the course and how is the work environment? Also what is the starting pay?
  6. I spoke to someone who took this course. First off, the course fees has doubled! It went up from $4000 to $9000! Another Vancouver money grab. You can do this course at Vancouver Island University (VIU) for $5000++ and in other parts of the country for $4000++. The VCC course is 4 months long, one month longer than other schools, which means you work for free for another month. Also, the VCC course is not eligible for student loans, U-Pass, extended health and dental care. You can get a student loan if you do this course at VIU. So cost wise, the VCC course is very expensive.

    You spend the entire 4 months at the hospitals, learning and training. The part that you need to get used to is the receiving area where the medical equipment is delivered to you - it smelt of blood, you get bloodied devices, you need to wash some of these devices by hand. So you need to get used to the smell of blood and the yucky washing.

    You should also know that for the first year or two, you will be on casual call. If the hospital don't need help, you have no work which means no pay. You can only hope someone call in sick or someone goes on vacation, then you get a call from the hospital for work. Once you have accumulated enough work hours (heard this was more than 1000 hours or something), then you can apply for a permanent position at the hospital. When you are a permanent employee, you will have regular hours and your employment benefits will start kicking in. Pay is something like $22/hour. Drop the word "starting" because every sterile technician gets the same pay, regardless of length of employment.

    This is not a prestigious job. You will not be respected within the health care community. The janitors or cleaners will give you some respect, but don't expect it from the nurses, technicians, doctors etc.
    In the lower mainland, this is a job that is dominated by filipinos and indo-canadians/east indians.
  7. melissa

    melissa New Member

    Does anyone know any other alternative jobs that would be better than this? I am 19 years old and my parents suggested me to do a 1 year course for better income. Would it be a good idea to go to college and take some general courses? Or would it be better to go into a trade first. Apparently the job market in vancouver is terrible and I am afraid of wasting money on a degree that wouldn't provide me a job or receiving a job that I wouldn't enjoy
  8. spibbs

    spibbs New Member

    I'm looking at this course, at VCC. I can't understand how they're charging so much more money for the same course.

    VCC charges about $9600.
    VIU charges $5700, College of new Caledonia (up north) charges $4700, SAIT in alberta charges $5900.

    VCC is over 40% more than the average cost of other colleges. Similar course length, similar length of time spent in clinical practicum.
  9. spibbs

    spibbs New Member

    > Ability to adjust to shift work including nights and weekends in a hospital setting.

    Can anyone with experience answer this - when they say "nights" do they mean evening shifts or graveyard shifts (as in overnight, from 10pm to 6 am or something similar) ? Thanks very much,
  10. kinda

    kinda Junior Member

    Night shift means graveyard shift. It generally starts from 11 PM. Racism is so abundant in this department horrible, horrible horrible
  11. MDR Tech

    MDR Tech Guest

    I recently did this course from VCC after paying a whooping amount of $8900 + other expenses. Hoping that I would get a step forward in securing a stable job, I took the decision of still going ahead with the course. Borrowed money from my brother. Its been almost 1.5 months. Practically applied everywhere I could, but no response. Loosing heart and hope. Its killing my confidence. There is no point studying so hard and learning everything with so much of zeal when u r left with nothing.
    I had always heard that VCC starts this course only when the hospitals have demand but this is not the case anymore. VCC has become commercial. I have heard that the new session is starting from 9th February, 2016.
  12. new MDRT

    new MDRT Guest

    Hi I am taking this course right now , I started in Feb. and I find the tests seem to be really tricky and hard. The tests are not what Kevin Scott tells us to study. any advice to what to study?
  13. new MDRT

    new MDRT Guest

    Hi I am currently taking this course and I find that this course is hard. The quiz and mid-term was very difficult for me. I realize that what kevin scott tells us is on the test is not exactly what we should be studying. do you have any suggestion for me to do better in my Finals. Thanks
  14. New Be

    New Be Guest

    I am also taking this course at the moment and find that Kevin Scott is a great instructor and is not only very knowledgable but also kind and helpful. I find that he gives a lot of helpful information on what to study for the exams. You will only do well if you take the time to study
  15. NewBe Tech

    NewBe Tech New Member

    Hi, I took this course last September 2015. I don't think it is appropriate to be putting instructors names on these boards especially if you log in as a "guest". I had the same instructor as you, and I found him to be very fair. He was approachable and knowledge in his topics. The onus is on you to study if you want to pass any quizzes and exams. They can only tell you so much. Some people may think that this would be an easy course to take, but be forewarned, there are many topics that are covered and you can't expect to do well if you don't put your time and effort into it. Since passing the course I have been working almost full time in the MDRD field.
  16. wannabe tech

    wannabe tech Guest

    How long were you on-call before getting a permanent full time MDRT position?

    Is true about the the racism in the MDRT field?

    Thank you.
  17. NewBe Tech

    NewBe Tech New Member

    I was hired at two places but am now just working at one as they are offering me almost full time. Although I am not a permanent staff member yet I think I will be soon.
  18. Bipolar

    Bipolar Guest

    The only thing I can say about the spd teacher is that he should answer questions before quizzes and tests. Every teacher I've had always does this. Just not him and it's frustrating when you study and you find a question the night before just to get a response saying I don't answer questions on test day.
  19. Teacher

    Teacher Guest

    I suspect you're this Kevin Scott being mentioned. The original comment was harmless and appeared honest. People use names to rate their instructors all the time. Defamation and libel only apply to untrue statements. Have you heard of ratemyteacher or ratemyprofessor? Reviews of UBC and SFU professors are all over the internet. It's the nature of the job. Take the criticism and learn from it. A good teacher knows how to handle feedback.
  20. Want a job

    Want a job Guest

    If you are going to take this course through VCC I would suggest not doing your clinical at VGH as the clinical instructor, Prima Douglas is not fair. She relyies on the staff to teach the students, and quizzes on information that is not necessary. She is also very unapprochable and does not talk to her studets in the nices way. After all we are only learning.
  21. NewBe Tech

    NewBe Tech New Member

    You are incorrect in saying I am Kevin Scott as I took the MDRT course last September to December. Kevin was very helpful in the course as well as helping us finding jobs. I am working in this field and enjoy it very much.



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