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sterile processing jobs /sterile supply /SPD.worst jobs

Discussion in 'Employment and Students' started by batot, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. batot

    batot New Member

    don't do quick fix when it comes to looking for work in BC/Canada , two years ago I followed a friend's advice after I was laid off because of the economy down turn , to join a school in BC and get a course called Sterile supply tech , I spent over 4000 to get certified, In few weeks I got my certificate
    I was happy to get that certificate since I really needed a job and jobs were plenty , so I went to work at a Hospital in Southern BC
    after I start working I found out how much abuse and racial discrimination immigrants and non natives got treated in those lower class work , and it is lower class since every single person in the hospital look at you as a high school drop out . Nurses ,Meducs,Doctors and even security guards treated us like slaves
    no respect no appreciation and above all harassment from mangers and supervisors
    the very strange thing I found , since I am non-white Canadian from South African background , is how much different races stick to each other , which stinks big time , you can see it , you hear it and you can't believe you are in a Canadian hospital
    Work here is soooooooooo busy , you run between four or five places at the same time , answering calls , rucking supplies and get things done ASAP
    production speed is more important than accurate work
    if you ever came across that job SPD , stay away from it
  2. itnovi

    itnovi Guest

    not all of bc people are like that move to vancouver
  3. I'm born and raised in Vancouver, BC, and I'm black, and I"m work as SPD, and I love the job, and the people are awesome, I don't fee like a lower class, I'm sorry that you feel like that,
  4. Shaysta

    Shaysta Guest

    Very true SPD jobs and healthcare work in vancouver pays soo little and very discriminative by the whites , I am an East indian person and I have been abused harrased called names and got mocked at because of my relegion , I never thought of vancouver to be soo racist
    I quit that stupid SPD job for good and will advice everyone to stay away from blood unsafe chemicals and disrespect associated with SPD
  5. Shaysta

    Shaysta Guest

    SPD is the worest job any one can do in vancouver BC, a
    Shoveling ice is way better
    Every one in that job doing it cuz they are losers who got stuck. The pay sucks considering the difficulty of the job , most of my x-workers were looking to get out , some even quit on the spot
    We had a manger who used to swear at us and she spit on some workers one day , when we reported her to BC health authorities they promoted her ,
    Welcome to fucking BC
  6. Raven

    Raven Guest

    Hi, I'm a recent grad of that program and I am actively looking for work. I did my clinical practicum at a hospital located in Vancouver. Most of the people there were very nice, supportive and respectful, although I did encounter a couple of sour apples. But hey anywhere you work, there will ALWAYS be one rotten egg in a box (even if it was your boss). I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience working at the wrong type of environment. It's a shame they call themselves healthcare "professionals". But don't give up, you have a set of skills not everybody possesses, so consider yourself a competent healthcare employee. There are thousands of jobs out there, not only in BC. I have been searching for jobs and I found that there are a lot of job openings in AB and ON. Keep your options open - try out private clinics too. Do not ever let yourself be put down by anyone in your workplace, regardless of your gender, race, orientation, status and religion. We as Canadians, both old and new have the RIGHT to be respected and work in a harrassment-free environment. This is part of our Human & Labour Rights policies, so feel free to SUE, hehe!
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  7. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    I've never even heard of SPD. What do you guys do?
  8. Adee

    Adee Guest

    Hi.they reprocess the medical instruments.cleans and disinfects them so they can b used in OR.
    I m looking to get into this program but I read this thread about SPD.first thread say this is worst job to do and lot of discrimination in the sterile department.but don't know about discrimination.what u guys think.
  9. Gabie

    Gabie Guest

    Ive been a Certified Dental Assistant for over 20yrs and I too have been pushed and Bullied by my boss for that long. Im caucation she is Asian, im the only non asian in the office and I am the only one to be consistently harrased by all. All I can say is any type of bulling or harasment should be delt with from the labours relations board as dicrimination, and charges can and should be brought forth. Things like this should not happen in our time. See what they can do for you and keep looking not all poeple are @!$#%@ good luck.
  10. Adee

    Adee New Member

    U r right gable.not all the people r same.
    there r always good and bad people around.
  11. mission

    mission Full Member

    According to SimplyHired, the average pay of a SPD is $50,000. That should compensates all the things you don't like about SPD. If not, there are other jobs to consider.
  12. amy

    amy Guest

    i think you are generalizing an entire profession based on the conduct you dealt with at one particular hospital. perhaps you and your coworkers we treated as drop outs because your product was substandard; as you have indicated the emphasis was on deadlines and not quality. A skilled instrument tech can meet deadlines while maintaining standards through knowledge and procedure. obviously it is not professional to treat others with disrespect. however people tend to get upset when a valued service is unreliable. sterile reprocessing supply is direct to the patient. if you are not attentive to detail you put the patient at great risk. spd department is the most important in the hospital, it literally reaches every other service area. if it is mismanaged, fragmented or sub par in any way it will quickly achieve reputation within its hospital as such. it takes a special person to be a cdmrt. you must be high energy, have great attention to detail, an understanding of medical terminology, medical equipment, microbiology and cross contamination, sterilization process and best practices. this is a profession with entry level positions. if you were looking to just pay the bills, have an easy day and carry a terrible attitude theres lots of fast food places hiring, this kind of worker is a hazard to the patients if in spd. if you have a great attitude and want to serve your community and challenge yourself professionally than try spd. by the way, racism is perpetual and you've done a great job feeding it energy!
  13. Adee

    Adee New Member

    U r absolutely right Amy.this is a profession and there should not be
    Compromise with work.on any job if anybody didn't do job well
    then they will tell to correct it or try for another job.
    jst wondering r u working in SPD.
  14. hi there

    hi there Guest

    Hello there,

    I work in a health authority and have seen pretty much everyones wages. I think the $50G salary is not correct. I don't recall ever seeing a sterile supply tech making much more than $20/hr.

    I appreciate that the poster of this comment has put the effort in to pull search for some info, but frankly $50G sound excessive to me. I'd be surprised if it was over $40G. Perhaps I am somehow seeing biased data, - though I don't know how that would be the case.

    OP I strongly urge you to contact your union or your human resources department. The behaviour of your manager is extremely unacceptable - complain until you're heard !
  15. hi there

    hi there Guest

    Further, although I have not worked directly in the departments that deal with sterile supply techs I have to vouch for the OP in one sense.

    I too agree that at the end of the day, the health of the patient is very important and and excellent standard of work must be carried out, - always. That being said I can definately sympathize with the challenges the poster may face in pulling this off as departments are often significantly understaffed.

    In most industries when the economy is doing bad, the work slows down and so they lay people off... in health care they must lay people off but the work does not slow, at times it may even grown and suddently your department is expected to provide the same quality of service with only 80% of the resources had previously.

    OP, please see this job as a "stepping stone" ... it doesn't need to be your final destination, just something that got you by for the meantime. At least you only spent $4G - think of the people who spend tens of thousands to end up making the same money or less, - yikes.
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  16. Adee

    Adee New Member

    Great info.thanks.keep posting.
  17. Shah

    Shah Guest

    I work as an SPD tech at FHA , techs in Vancouver makes 21$ /h , pretty close to other workers in that category of employment such as care aids
    majority of management are nurses , they look down at us almost always , never able to know our work and they incapable of understanding challenges we go through it
    Bonnie Best
  18. mission

    mission Full Member

    Thanks for pointing out the $50K salary from Simply Hired is incorrect.

    I think you are right in the salary range you mentioned per the attached ad. Hopefully, that is just a starting salary and SPD jobs will pay as high as $29 with experience. If not, a bus driver with Coast Mountain Bus company is a better job because they pay their bus drivers up to $29.

  19. droid

    droid Junior Member

    It is no different from:
    • Transit security felt they were badly treated by Transit Police
    • Hygienist felt they were badly treated by the Dentist
    • Kitchen helper/Dish washer felt they were badly treated by the Executive Chefs
    • Teaching Assistant felt they were badly treated by the Professors and Faculty
    • Sales clerk felt they were badly treated by the managers
    • etc, etc
    Don't blame it on the Nurses, Doctors or Security Guards. Blame it on the job and yourself.

    Blame it that:
    • You did not have the brains to excel in your academic qualification
    • You did not have outstanding academic qualifications to qualify for medical school
    • You did not spent 4-5 years in a medical school
    • You did not have the money to pay for tuition in a medical school
    Because you have none of the above, you ended up doing as SPD job. So don't blame it on others.

    You are lucky you are not working a MacDonald's job for $8 an hour or a warehouse worker for $10 an hour.

    Most important, work on your self esteem, you will find that you are very lucky to have a SPD job that pays $20 an hour.
  20. Sims

    Sims Guest

    I m doing pre-requisites to get into this programm at vcc.
    just wondering how is the work environment in the department
    and is it easy to find job?

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