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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Đức, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. Đức

    Đức New Member

    In the period of development of modern industry ... keeping machinery and equipment well operated and used for a long time is something that businesses are very interested in during the use of machinery. Impact of bad operation, not high efficiency production, can be stopped if the production line, causing great damage to the business.
    Not only in the business, but the housewives also want to own the durable, safe and beautiful items.

    Along with that, the kitchen appliances of the poor quality housewife also greatly affect the quality of life and health of the whole family, many years ago kitchen utensils made of wood, aluminum, plastic glass and porcelain are widely used but they are very difficult to clean, washable, fragile and fragile.
    Faced with that situation. Requires a good material to overcome the difficulties of businesses and housewives.

    And INOX was born with the necessity of it.

    For industry: stainless steel is a stainless steel, able to withstand high temperatures and acid rain, not oxidized. Therefore, industrial machinery made from stainless steel has been put into use as a necessity.

    In the design of houses, residential areas, companies and public works are directed to the stainless steel products of high durability, such as stairs, handrails, gates, doors, railing .... All the buildings in the city, not only durable but also beautiful and luxurious, can be found stainless steel bus stations on the inner city.

    With tough housewives, the kitchen utensils must be durable, safe, convenient, easy to use, easy to clean, even beautiful and stainless steel has to meet those requirements. Stainless steel products such as kitchen cabinets, saucepans, pots, knives, spoons, spatulas, water tanks ...... are all diverse products in terms of design choice. the color coating technology superiority, color retained longer than other products, meet the increasing demand and difficult market

    Besides the outstanding advantages of stainless steel that attract a large number of customers, so the stainless steel plating also overflows in the market, and appear as stainless steel, cheap. This stainless steel furniture is often poor quality, endangering the user, and causing confusion about the use of stainless steel products do not guarantee health. In fact, you need to know how to choose stainless steel products. Do not worry about the danger of it anymore, you should go to reliable addresses
    TRUNG THANH TRADING AND PRODUCTION INVESTMENT TRADING JOINT STOCK COMPANY has been established for more than 10 years, specializing in producing and processing stainless steel furniture, stainless steel kitchen cabinets, stainless steel cookware, noodle cooker, industrial stainless steel , civil ... office furniture and other products related to stainless steel. Providing related equipment for hospitals, medical centers (beds, trolleys, etc.), supply of furniture and equipment for schools, supplying equipment for restaurant systems. .
    Source: http://totnhat.vn/

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