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Sensodyne Repair and Protect with Novamin Discontinued in Canada?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Novamin, Mar 15, 2022.

  1. Novamin

    Novamin Guest

    This product has been out of stock for ages and I suspect it might actually be discontinued. It was unavailable for a long time. I assumed it was COVID related but last month I saw that they have new version called Sensodyne Repair in the same shelf space but this definitely does not contain Novamin. Very disappointed!

    I found some old stock at the drugstore and cleared them out but not sure what do in the long run.

  2. abcd:)

    abcd:) Guest

    They would explain it!! I have been looking everywhere without success :(. I considered going down to the US to get it along with some gas but the version doesn't have novamin!!! Wtf

    Why would they discontinue it? It works a lot better than their other lines.
  3. they're charging a premium price for the new version that doesn't have the premium ingredient. i assume the hydroxyapatite bioglass doesn't come cheap so this is a way to make more money but duping consumers.
  4. GSK

    GSK Guest

    It's not discontinued. Here is the email they sent me.
  5. fishochip

    fishochip Guest

  6. Bill

    Bill Full Member

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