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Entertainment Pretty Little Liars

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ema, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. ema

    ema Full Member

    Pretty Little Liars

    So how many of you have been watching it?

    A group of high school girls swore to keep a secret. Until, one of them went missing then was found dead. They've been receiving notes, texts, etc. from A (Alison) who went missing years ago when they sneaked out to drink in the barn.

    Any ways, it's a pretty fun show to watch if you're into Gossip Girls like I am haha!
  2. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Ohh this show. Lots of hype, might watch later on. I ended up starting (and finishing) way too many series during my finals in April, so I'm on a bit of a break :D.
  3. chuey603

    chuey603 Junior Member

    I'm slow to get hooked on any new TV shows ... although this one did sound good. I've watched one episode, maybe the pilot and thought it was ok but didn't make me upset when I missed all the other episodes! This is one show I'll probably be catching up with online, whenever there's nothing else on ...
  4. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    Watched a few episodes. It's entertaining but not something I'd tune in to normally, so I ended up reading wikipedia summaries of the books so I wouldn't have to follow the show in the future.
  5. ema

    ema Full Member

    Major fail =.="
    The show is the whole thing! The mystery is almost revealing!!! **then again I'm a girl lol
  6. paintbrush

    paintbrush New Member

    This show makes me so angry, everything seems too convenient ..
  7. o

    o Junior Member

    me me ! i'm watching it
    i can't get the second book in the series from the library
    too many people requesting it
    allison ...makes me very uncomfortable
    she always talk in that kind of tone ugh >.<
  8. Cyndi

    Cyndi New Member

    The show is okay. Definitely a pretty cast, but it's not as great as Gossip Girl in its finer days. It's decent enough to watch though, and seems popular.
  9. andrewmay

    andrewmay New Member

    Haven't watched. Love gossip girl though!
  10. supmuffin

    supmuffin New Member

    I love this series as I feel the plot is strong. I am excited for season 2!
  11. Vivek Golikeri

    Vivek Golikeri Active Member

    If any daughter of mine participated in such a girls' secret group, and Papa found out, I would ground her backside. Then I would contact the parents of the other girls, and ask them to have a stern talk with them. Lastly, if school was involved, I would discuss the nonsense with the principal. When teenagers get involved in secretive foolishness while keeping parents and elders in the dark, that is when they walk straight into tragedy.
  12. Forum Police

    Forum Police Guest

    Vivek, it's not nice to bump up old threads :(

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