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Automotive Port Mann Bridge - $30 Toll Credit and 50% off through 2013 if you sign up for the TReO decal

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by milquetoast, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. amfriesen

    amfriesen Guest

    thanks for the code - i had it in an e-mail which i can't find and probably deleted now as i had registered but as a business then found out that if you do that you don't get the credit

    i did get the one free trip (not sure if one or two way) and can't wait for the $30 credit now that i registered as personal with 4 or less vehicles

    i may not travel over the port mann often but the rest of the transcanada will be tolled as well - no?
  2. No, at this stage only the port mann will be tolled, although technically you could argue that BC ferries connects the #1 highways and that is $65 each way.

    FYI, the coupon code REGEB1 still works (i tried regeb2 to regeb10 and none work, worth a try though!)

    Final comment, I'm very interested to see if this massive project simply moves the bottle neck from ~192nd st. to somewhere like Willingdon (bby) or First Ave (van). And also, what's the next mega project to keep these 1000's of construction workers with jobs, since this can probably be classified as a "stimulus" project and that pot of money is running thin
  3. qusetion

    qusetion Guest

    can i use the treo toll credit for golden ears bridge too?
  4. Stuntman

    Stuntman Full Member

    Highways end in Vancouver, so there will be bottlenecks there. On top of that, Vancouver seems to want to keep reducing traffic lanes for cars.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of tolls. I'd rather just have taxes pay for the building and maintenance of these roads. Practically everyone in the region benefit from new roads whether they drive on them or not. Tolls just serve to divert traffic. If you don't want people to drive somewhere, then you put tolls. I don't think we really want to divert more people over to the Pattullo.
  5. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    You can use TReO for Golden Ears (it's replacing the bulky transponder), but the promotion fine print seems to indicate that the $30 toll credit is restricted to the Port Mann which sucks. Not sure about the REGEB1 free trip though, that might apply to the Golden Ears?
  6. WrAtH

    WrAtH Guest

    This code also works for one free trip: 1FREE

    confirmed working on Nov 11, 2012
    cheeseshredder likes this.
  7. port mcmahan

    port mcmahan Guest

    Get a life jerk
  8. its a shame that my decal will only work on the port mann. i wish i could use it on all the bridges. this would raise more money for new bridges and things. we need to go faster in our cars and buses. will there be a bike lane on the bridge and do i need to get a decal for my bike?
  9. NOPE

    NOPE Guest

  10. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    LESS THAN A WEEK BEFORE THE PROMOTION IS OVER! Do it now if you've been procrastinating!

    Since you work for TReO, shouldn't you know the answer? :p
  11. tolls suck

    tolls suck Guest

    where are people finding these promo codes ??? :confused:
  12. tolls suck

    tolls suck Guest

  13. tHASHI

    tHASHI Guest

    Another code is "Market" not sure is anyone wrote it.
  14. honeycomb

    honeycomb Junior Member

    Finally registered. Thanks for the reminder!:)
  15. kathryn

    kathryn Guest

    last day! just registered thank you for the promo codes :giggle:
  16. ROFL. Shows you how often people just post fake B.S. for some reason.

    What ferry? The one you used back in 2008? The one you magically use "...on a regular basis"

    You made my day.

    Toll sucks, our gas tax for bridges and roads goes to Ontario for cocaine and hookers. Then they raise our other taxes because they can. Bend over, hold up your decal and enjoy your drive over the privatized TransCanada Highway!
  17. tink tink

    tink tink Guest

    Thank you !! i was wondering about the same thing too !!
  18. Jessicat

    Jessicat Guest

    Anyone having problems finishing this? Apparently I don't know how to spell my name on my Credit card that's right in front of me. Anyone else Invalid out there? Maybe since this is the last day for the promo the site isn't working?
    Even the "help" number I try to call is too busy to answer.
  19. pauld

    pauld Guest

    another code is 'employ'. does anyone know if these promo codes stack?
  20. crazzy

    crazzy Guest

    "There was a crush of drivers who waited until the final day to register for a Port Mann Bridge decal in order to qualify for 20 free trips. According to TReO, which handles Port Mann tolling services, 90,000 vehicles were registered on Friday alone, compared to the mid-November daily average of just 3,000. People were calling right up until midnight.

    The next deadline for drivers is Feb. 28 to lock in the discounted rates for the rest of 2013."

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