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Playland PNE Group Sales Promotional Codes 2010 (and other discounts / coupons)

Discussion in 'Shopping Discussions' started by milquetoast, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. swanny

    swanny New Member

    thanks :)
  2. tigger7701

    tigger7701 New Member

    Need to entertain my neice/nephew and would like to take them to PlayLand! Need a coupon...
  3. tigger7701

    tigger7701 New Member

    Grandma can't take the kids on the rides so Auntie has to go...would like to save her some money with a coupon as she has to babysit the babies while I'm on the rides
  4. tigger7701

    tigger7701 New Member

    If I get a Guardian pass with my 9 yr old, could I take him on a ride if he won't go by himself?
  5. guochels

    guochels New Member

    hey how come i cant see it? ><
  6. Curatio

    Curatio New Member

    Thanks for the code!
  7. hondas3000

    hondas3000 New Member

    Another great post. Thanks

    LINGNA New Member

    my doughter likes play at pne.need a coupon,thanks

    LINGNA New Member

    planning to go pne playland on sunday, can i have you code ? thanks
  10. bubli111

    bubli111 New Member

    Thanks for the info!
  11. Khoi

    Khoi Junior Member

  12. caramellatte

    caramellatte New Member

    Thanks for posting the code...hope it'll work for a while.
  13. vainglorious11

    vainglorious11 New Member

    Thank you!
  14. sft

    sft New Member

  15. kirkyuen

    kirkyuen New Member

    It was a lot easier last year when organizations posted the promotional code. :mad:
  16. bcguy

    bcguy New Member

    I cannot see the code anywhere--can it be reposted
  17. bcguy

    bcguy New Member

    thank you
  18. kirkyuen

    kirkyuen New Member

    Unfortunately it does not work anymore.
  19. milquetoast

    milquetoast Senior Member

    It's still working for me. Maybe try it again and report back, I'll post the other working code if this one is really dead.
  20. magichands

    magichands New Member

    I have never used this site before, so I hope I am doing this right. Could you please send me the codes for playland? It is much appreciated in these economic times!!!
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